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insert gallery in post

  1. I uploaded 10 pictures I want to insert in my post as a gallery but I have no gallery tab. I followed the tutorial - am I missing something somewhere?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot help without a link to your blog, starting with http.

  3. Hi,

    click on Add Image, upload all photos and close the upload window afterwards. Within the body of your posting, enter the gallery shortcode and you are done.


  4. If the Gallery tab didn't appear in the Image Uploader after uploading the photos, try switching to the Media Library tab first. Sometimes that makes the Gallery tab appear. (It seems to be a bit funky lately.)

    If it still doesn't appear, drop Support a note directly because the forum volunteers don't have access to the backend workings of blogs.

  5. thanks for all of your replies. the gallery tab never appeared and i don't know how to use the gallery short code.

  6. Hi,

    I have summarized all required steps in this little tutorial including screenshots:


  7. @tigress62: You write this in the html post or page editor:


    This will give you the default setting (three columns of thumbnails). You can change the number of columns and/or the size by writing e.g.:

    [gallery columns="2" size="medium"]

  8. Just tried a test Post, and after uploading all images using the "Add Image" button in the Post Write Editor, the Gallery tab failed to appear until after I clicked in the Image Uploader on the Media Library tab.
    Screenshot1-After Uploading no Gallery tab appears
    Screenshot2-Gallery tab appears after clicking on Media Library tab

    Again, it seems to be a new-ish bug that the Gallery tab is no longer appearing on its own and you have to do something, like clicking on the Media Library tab, to get that screen to refresh itself so the Gallery tab appears. has a screencast tutorial here, and I have a FAQ here but while both show how to use the Gallery function, both are somewhat out of date.

    In the latest version of the Image Uploader/Gallery tab, you choose your settings directly in the Gallery tab before inserting the Gallery in your Post or Page. Screenshot3-Adjusting Settings for the Gallery

    After choosing your settings, once you click on that "Insert Gallery" button, the Image Uploader closes and you have a brief shortcode in your Post or Page. Screenshot4-Shortcode in Post

    Hope that helps. And now to go update that Gallery FAQ! LOL

  9. @panaghiotisadam Thanks for that - I'd been wondering, too.

  10. @Jennifer: I get the Gallery and the Insert Gallery tabs as soon as I click "Save all Changes" after uploading the images.

    "And now to go update that Gallery FAQ": Aha!

    @ronsrealm: You're welcome. There are other pieces of code too - Jennifer can write all about it.

  11. @ronsrealm, have a look at that third screenshot I posted in my reply just above yours. You don't have to manually insert the number of columns any more, just adjust the size of the thumbnail in the HTML Editor, which is shown in the 4th screenshot. (In the Visual Editor, you get a pretty picture representing the Gallery, but to which you can't make any thumbnail size adjustments.)

    @pan-working on it, but they sure don't make it easy. My old work-flow allowed me to go from the Upload Image tab to the Gallery tab even before I saved anything. Now it seems you have to do something to get that window to refresh itself so the Gallery tab shows up, whether changing tabs or saving something.

    Even after a year, the Gallery is still a work-in-progress.

  12. And after less than a day, it's changed again…

  13. @1tess-I blinked! What changed?

  14. The Gallery tab is still not working properly. It seems to work differently on different browsers.
    Opera 9.64: It appears after after uploading and 'saving all changes'. Fine.
    Chrome 'save all changes' after uploading just gives me a blank frame where the gallery is supposed to be and no tab. It only appears after I have inserted at least one image into the post, which sort of beats the purpose of making a gallery in the first place: insert pics, then add gallery, then delete the pics you inserted in the first place.
    Safari 3.2.3: ditto.
    IE 7/8: ditto
    FF 3.0.11: ditto
    It could be down to some Flash settings on my comp, but I wouldn't know where to start.

  15. Duh...seems to be working fine now :-) And I didn't even to dance with cookies or flush my cache :-)

  16. @justjennifer
    Well, never mind because it's back to the way you described. I even remarked to my husband that the gallery tab was back.

  17. (sigh) must be the weekend. ;-)

  18. I uploaded 10 pictures I want to insert in my post as a gallery but I have no gallery tab. I followed the tutorial - am I missing something somewhere? the above help doesnt help my

  19. The images have to be uploaded from within the post editor with the post that you want to insert them into open. Did you do that?

  20. lovingmygarden

    i just don't understand..... everytime i upload a picture it goes into the library i dont want it there i want it on my site? i have tried everything, being new to blogging i dont have a clue. i thought i had done well up to now. i just to be able to upload easy. but now its all gone to pot.

  21. You need to click the little "insert into post" button that appears, not very obviously, with all the other information about your image ... title, caption, URL, etc. Underneath all that is "insert into post".

    Do NOT click on "Save changes". All that seems to do is fix the modifications you've made for that one post on to the image for all time, which is extremely annoying if you want to use that image for other posots (and pages!).

    I'm an utter newbie to all this and I have to say I'm finding the image/gallery/library bits rather counter-intuitive. With everything else operating as neat drag'n'drop, or drop-downs, the apparent inability to grab an image from my existing library and directly insert it into a gallery for that page or post is driving me insane. It looks like I have to upload the image from the computer or URL - and "upload" means "use bandwidth". Am I missing something?

    Yes, I can put the WordPress URL into the "URL" bit. It's still incredibly clunky ... but as I say, I could be missing something.

  22. The gallery thing is obviously not finished and needs some serious love. The next major upgrade to wordpress will include major work on the media section so I suspect (I hope) it will get better with that upgrade.

  23. Hurray!

  24. starmakeupshowcase


    Anyone knows if it is possible to use images in the media library to create a gallery?
    And also if it is possible to have 2 galleries in 1 post?

  25. @starmakeupshowcase: 1. No. 2. Yes - check justjennifer's FAQ.

    And please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). We usually need that to give a relevant answer.

  26. inserting a gallery into my post is useless. i have to insert each pic individually and then i get the gallery tab.

  27. I don't see any galleries in any of your posts, but I do think you may have a little problem with copyright, since it appears all of your content comes from other sites. You can QUOTE from other sites, but you can't take the entire article unless you wrote it yourself, and sometimes not even then.

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