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Insert Google analytics in website


    Hi all,

    I just have another question. How can I insert google analytics in my website?

    Thank you,

    Bye Jeroen

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

  3. Hmm, I see, thank you!

    Than another question. Can I reset the statistics on my dashbord and widget right now?

    I maked this website long ago, but now it is totally different, and I only want to now the searches/statistics/clicks of next year (2011)

    Thank you,

    Bye Jeroen

  4. I'm sorry but there is not a way to reset the stats for a blog.

  5. Ok thank you, topic can be closed:)!

  6. C'mon -- let's get it supported.

  7. Why? WordPress. com free hosted blogs are not commercial blogs. We already have an in-house program. We can use multiple other third party visitor tracking programs as well. And we can use quantcast and Alexa for traffic stats and demographics.

  8. @dagostinelli, you are assuming it is wordpress that is stopping it. Did you ever consider it might have something to do with Google?

  9. Like running more than one urchin script?

  10. Here are brief third party stats program reviews of non-Javascript visitors tracking programs we can use on blogs

  11. Quantcast provides a lot of very useful information as well

  12. Hope that WordPress can include GA one day.


  13. Happiness Engeneers, it would be good to support Google Analytics, at least you could make that available on the accounts with paid DNS.
    Unfortunately, your Site Stats is too limited, and not much helpful in promoting sites.

    Of course, may keep ignoring these requests, but then people with paid accounts consider moving to Blogspot, where all things equal, and GA is available out of the box.

  14. And the SEO sucks donkey ass.

  15. Yes but raincoaster Blogspot does has the special signup bonus: You get 100 XHTML errors and 55 warnings before you even write a post. Very generous of them I think.

  16. I love but indeed it should enable Google Analytics...

  17. I too would like to see support.

    I am developing an educational blog and would like to see where traffic is coming from to target specific areas/languages.

    Blogger is also free and I don't see any difference between WP and Blogger on the free services except WP limitations, however paying for dns for my domain and getting limited webmaster functionality is not a great selling point. To be honest, it's becoming quite frustrating.

  18. There are several ways to have visitors by countries tracked here - timethief has information on them on her site - I use two on my site and can see all the countries that visit - You don't need GA to find out the countries that visit.

  19. Like auxclass said we can use 3rd party non-Javacript visitor tracking on blogs. See this page and scroll down to "Visitor Tracking" >

  20. Google Analytics is a critically important tool. If Google is willing to give us the tool for free, WordPress should as well. I know my Typepad Blog permits Google Analytics.

  21. People have been asking for it for a very long time. Perhaps at some point will allow it, but there is also the possibility they will never allow it.

  22. is a multiuser blogging platform and our blogs share a common architecture so security is of prime importance. Also note that Google may only allow one version of the script to run and that may be the one that is using.

    Do note that Staff have posted into this thread above and if you wish to carry on a dialogue with Staff you can use this link.

  23. GA now!! Im planning to change because this matter for my business.

  24. @mobithings
    As you will be hiring a web host and moving to a WordPress.ORG install these entries will be useful.

  25. Definitely need to get Google Analytics available for WordPress blogs! This would be a huge tool for me as a new start up.

  26. Do note that Staff have posted into this thread above and if you wish to carry on a dialogue with Staff you can use this link.

  27. I agree. GA, please.

  28. designsimply (staff) has provided a clear answer in her comment above:

    Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

    Several volunteers have suggested alternate ways to track visitors.

    Please keep in mind that the WordPress support forum is not a voting booth! We volunteers have no authority to make back-end technical changes. Further discussion of this issue should be conducted with staff:

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