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    Hi Guys, I’m fairly new to wordpress and I am trying to insert some html code in one of my posts and it is not working. I am using the “code view” editor and the tags. The HTML code is displaying out of the “code” box just like regular HTML code.

    I inserted CSS code doing that and it worked, but not with HTML. Does anybody have any idea what the problem is???




    We cannot speculate. We need specifics in order to help you.
    (1) Please post the url for your blog.
    (2) Please post the code you are concerned about between backticks. The backtick key is to the left of the number 1 key. It’s in lower case and is found under the ~.



    here you go:

    One of the backticks shows in the “code” box and the rest of the stuff out of it. Thanks for the help!


    This url is not a free hosted blog. You are in the wrong forum. We cannot help you because we run on different software. The forum for self hosting bloggers is here.



    just because it’s not hosted here, I can’t get some help from you guys? Thanks…



    The forums at have many people that can help you out! The answers on this forum have to relate to the hosting service since it is different software. Answers to questions on blogs not hosted here is out of the realm of our support and would confuse users since most of the answers don’t relate to the service. downloads are not the same as the WordPress MU (multi-user) software running this blogging service. They just are not the same ;)




    thanks, trent. i didn’t know that. by the way, is a blog about the same (editing, publish, etc) as the .org one?


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