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    I wish my users to insert images into their replies to comments. This seems a simple request yet I have searched high and low and only found a couple of plugins that sort of do this but none actually worked!

    All I want is for the user to be able to upload (not enter a url) to my site and display that image when replying to a comment on a post. Preferably as a plugin.

    I am using the Responsive theme.

    Any help with this simple request would be welcome!! Thanks.


    It is not possible to add plugins to and you can’t allow users to upload pictures in their comments. This is something you can do in self-hosted sites.



    As Elise has stated there is no FTP access and we cannot install plugins. As the Admin of the blog you can allow your readers to include the URLs to images hosted online in their comments and you can choose whether or not to approve and display them. See also comment embeds > However, like Elise I recommend you hire a web host and set up up own install. Here’s a comparison you can consult



    how can I insert images from my hard drive in to replies on my own blog?



    You have to upload them to the web first, then use HTML code to insert them in the comments.


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    Yes, if you are an administrator of your blog, then you can insert images into your comments. If a reader links to an image online, you can even edit her/his comment to display the picture.

    The easiest way to do this, if you don’t know html coding and are not comfortable using the text editor, is to open a draft post which you won’t ever publish. Upload (or link with URL) the picture and insert it into that draft post. Then take a deep breath and switch to the text (code) editor and copy all the code from there. Finally, paste that code into the comment, along with what ever you want to write about.



    I am the OP and thought I made it clear I do


    want to have to upload the image to another website just to be able to link to it in my reply! What isn´t clear about that?

    In php there are plugins that allow you insert an image by browser your own pc, selecting the image and inserting it in your reply. No need to host it elsewhere.




    Well, no. Those plugins upload the image to the website. If it’s not on the web, nobody would be able to see it!



    Grrr! The point is not to have to use a hosting website such as flickr, or whatever. Of COURSE the image has to be uploaded somewhere.

    Your method requires you to setup a hosting service, upload the image and then link to it. Why go round the houses when a plugin could allow you to do it all in one or two clicks like in php? The end user shouldn´t have to jump through hoops like that. It isn´t user-friendly. Nor necessary.



    It is necessary to meet the security guidelines, since jpgs can carry viruses.



    You might want to give us the URL of the site you are talking about, since several people have already mentioned above that you can’t use plug-ins on

    Again for clarity:



    I give up. I thought I made it clear that it was PHP that had plugins that allow directly inserting images in a reply.

    And as for it being a security issue what nonsense. WordPress don´t host the sites so it is nothing to do with them! And your implication is that it is OK for other hosting sites to carry the risk of jpegs?! Quantify the risk please.

    My various php forums have no problems with users directly uploading their images to my hosting servers and no security issues either. All I was asking is why WP doesn´t offer this.

    Anyway this discussion is going nowhere so thanks for the replies. Bye.



    WordPress don´t host the sites…

    You’d reduce your frustration level considerably if you’d simply read the support doc that both tt and I have linked to. There are different flavors of WordPress and that is explained there.

    Here on WordPress.COM, because we are a shared environment, there are code restrictions and we users do not have access to the underlying PHP or HTML nor can we use plugins.

    Best wishes.


    Maybe this might help Brian ..

    ..let me know



    There is no FTP access and we bloggers cannot install plugins into any free hosted blogs. Moreover we do not provide support for WordPress.ORG software installs here on the WordPress.COM support forums.



    That link is what I was looking for I think, thanks nodach…

    Timethief and others talk of restrictions because it is a shared environment or whatever. Surely it is my choice if I wish to install a plugin or addition to the original WP software? PHP actively encourages this so why this aloof and frankly risible attitude from WP?? Why are they control freaks? Why so uncooperative?

    I have given up using WP and returned to PHP.



    The first time I posted to this thread I posted this link to the comparison between free hosted blogs and installs.

    Here’s a comparison you can consult

    . Surely it is my choice if I wish to install a plugin or addition to the original WP software?

    There is no plugin tab on any free hosted WordPress.COM blog so good with installing any plugins into non-existent plugin tabs … lol :D

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