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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've subscribe today and I'm trying to insert images on my blog.
    Can someone help?
    Thanks a lot!


  2. there is a upload section .. when you write a new post .. use that ..

  3. I have already used that button, but only the text appears on the blog...
    what's wrong?

  4. select the image url and use IMG button to include img src in your writing column.

  5. Or, after you've uploaded the image and the thumbnail appears in the upload section:

    1) Left-click on the image - a menu comes up.
    2) Select either 'using thumbnail' or 'using original' as appropriate
    3) Then click 'send to editor' in the same menu


  6. Good luck Ive been trying now for two days to upload pics to my blog.

  7. YOU KNOW You try all this stuff and after an enormus effort and still no pics It makes ya go HUMM! maby I should go somewhere else. To bad they could not have made it user friendly.

  8. Good luck Ive been trying now for two days to upload pics to my blog.

    That's because you're still trying to link them from your hard drive. You can't do that as I stated in my response.

    I think that you're thinking that visitors to your blog will be able to view pictures that you have stored on your home computer. That is not the case and it's a big security risk to boot. For pictures to be shown, they need to be uploaded to the net in some manner.

  9. No I dont want them going to my hard drive for picts I want them to be displayed on my blog or is that not possible?

  10.\Documents and settings\owner\mydocuments\my pictures\


    Check "monopod's" explanation above.

  11. I'm working on a decent FAQ for uploading and including pictures. I'll post it in a few minutes. Bare with my as I'm also buried in support tickets this morning with my hosting. (I'll have to do pictures later on.)

  12. FAQ for Uploading a Picture to Your Space and Adding it to a Post

    *VERY* rough. I'll add pictures and the like later on.

    Staff is welcome to use it in the site's FAQ once I add in the pictures as long as I get the credit and they actually finally put a link to the FAQ somewhere users can actually find it on the home page. :whistle:

    Polite input welcomed. :)

  13. Ok I see that I need to upload thes pictures to the internet in some manor first. But I am lost here; How do I do that?

  14. How do I do that?

    Please read the FAQ that I just posted. I'm adding pictures now as I type this to show examples.

  15. Pictures are now added. Please ask if you have any more questions.

    Feel free to link to it if you want. :)

    Hope this helps,

  16. I do appricate the help; But I am begining to think that my hardware is incompatable with the site. My cell phone is my modem; I have always gotten by with it before but i dont have 3G and for some reason it is unable to handel the photo upload to the blog, Thanks again; maxamillion

  17. Dr Mike
    I followed your helpful guide to the letter but am having no luck uploading and image to my post.The image does upload ok, I click the 'link to image' button then 'send to editor' then close, nothing happens, the pic just sits there and doesn't appear in the post.I'm sure I'm missing!!


  18. I visited your site and I noticed that you have previously uploaded very large pictures. Perhaps the issue your having is one of size. If you check the FAQ's you will find a helpful bit podz provided in it optimizing pictures and if you follow drmike's suggestions frequently made on the forum perhaps you'll make some of them thumbnail sized.

    Nosysnoop has also provided us with the info that any photo with a width that exceed 400* is going to lead to uploading problems as it will break the theme. I could be all wrong on this but for what it's worth it may be worthwhile to consider (1) reducing the size of the photos you post on your blog. Or (2)getting a a photo-hosting account elsewhere and linking thumbnails in your blog to the full sized photos.

  19. Just to start of, in this post, you have a missing ending 'a' tag. The code should be like the following:

    <img height="96" alt="Pen Y Gwelt" src="" />

    You'll note currently that the entire text of the post is linking to the picture. I don't think that that's what you want.

    TT, most of the pictures I see are coming from outside sources, not hosted on

    Make sure before youre telling where in the Post you want the picture. That's number 4 in the FAQ. I'm thinking that that might be the issue.

    Hope this helps,

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