Insert link does not work in IE9?

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    I have tried several times on different computers to insert a link in a post when using IE9. Instead of a hot link created in the selected text, everything turns blue, but there is no hypertext created in the post. Any help?

    The blog I need help with is



    Try troubleshooting and if that doesn’t work then use Firefox.


    Hi-thanks for your reply. Here is my problem: I am already using Firefox successfully for one blog, and SeaMonkey for a second blog. The whole thing is created by my need for two separate Twitter accounts, which does not work in one browser. Unfortunately, there are changes to SeaMonkey which is rendering it useless if I go to the latest build. So, I wanted to move the second blog to a second browser.

    In IE, if I insert the URL prior to the site to be hot linked, and then manually type in the after, the it will work. But, you know, that is a pain. I thought there might be something obvious that I was missing.

    I am probably going to take a first look at Chrome and see what happens.

    But, hey, if anyone else has a good idea for IE, I am certainly open.

    Thanks again.



    I have found that Opera also plays nice with — and I found it more comfortable to use, as a Firefox user used to the way that Firefox works, than Chrome, although you may find Chrome to be perfect for you. But give Opera a look if you’re interested in other browsers. :-)


    Thanks for the suggestion about Opera.



    You’re welcome. I hope you find something that works well for you.

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