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"Insert More" tag not working

  1. The 'insert more' tag - alt/shift/T - is not functioning when I try to add the 'continue reading' feature after the first paragraph or two of each post.

    I've tried inserting this into two different blog posts - nothing happens. Neither does it allow me to manually insert by hitting alt + shift + T.


    Carolyn Thomas

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here is the support document about using the "more" tag:

  3. Rather than using the keyboard shortcut you can try using HTML. You will need to do this in the HTML view of your editor. Once you have changed to the HTML editor, insert this code: <!--more-->

  4. Thanks, timethief - the html code works. :-)

  5. Thanks for letting us know we have resolved this issue. Happy blogging!

  6. readytochangenow

    I have noticed that it doesn't show up when I add it, but if I switch to HTML view I can see the <!--more--> tag. It seems to work ok...

  7. I was just about to post that, readytochangenow. I've notice the same thing over the last few days. Quite annoying.

  8. inlumeacopiilor

    mate i have a similiar problem, basically i am on a page, i want to start a mini chapter of something and i want to add that silly insert more and it doesn't cut'em off, it's driving me mad, i also tried by code in html but it doesn't wanna cut'em off, any clues?

  9. You cannot use the "read more" tag on a page, only on a post. You can use pagination on a page though.

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