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    I found out that many themes have a problem with sidebar position if I split longer post with “insert more tag”. I thought it could be big picture or some copied codes, but I can reproduce it now. If I split post with more tag sidebar is at bottom of a page, after removing more tag sidebar is on right place (I checked with Firefox and IE).

    Is there any solution for this problem. That make no sense if it not possible to use split function for longer posts.



    Look at your HTML. Is the more tag splitting any HTML tag? The more tag has a tendency to do that. If you do use the more tag, it’s a good rule to check in HTML view to see that it does not mess up any HTML.



    I’m using “Write Post” backed editor to add a more tag. First I thought ScribeFire (Firefox addon) make a trouble… I checked HTML code but I cannot see nothing wrong:

    “Nothing! ScribeFire is a completely free service. Download the blog editor
    <div><strong class=”orange”>How do I Install ScribeFire?</div>

    It’s simple! We’ll walk you through it with easy to follow instructions.</div>”

    Any other idea?



    Don’t use Scribefire.

    Type the whole post in the text editor in



    Solved! :)

    Thanks for advise. I tested with a same post but not HTML formated (copy to Notepad and copy back to editor) and now I can use post split function :).

    But I must say, I like Scribefire and I’ll use it, but for short posts. Same problem is also if I copy formated text from web sites and use more tag. I think it is very confortable to copy and paste formated text from web, but I’ll try to do create posts with wordpress editor.

    Btw. Could someone recommend good blog editor compatible to WordPress (how about BlogDesk? )



    A few notes on using the more tag with the WP editor:

    1. Always put the more tag on a separate line, not within a paragraph or at the end of one.
    2. Never put the more tag within a blockquote, or an ordered or unordered list.
    3. Never apply formatting to a more tag (italic, bold, center, etc.).
    4. If the more tag is going within a block of text that has special formatting (italic, bold, center, etc.) end the formatting before the more tag and then start it again after the more tag.
    5. It might be a good idea to go to settings > writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click “save changes at the bottom of the page.

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