"insert more tag" while posting from Libre Office

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    Hi, there i ‘ve asked around Libre Office people allready, so i come here…

    Using “Sun web-blog” extansion for (originally made for Open Office) Libre Office i can post on my WordPress.com blog BUT there is no way dividing my post like “inster moretag” does (ex summary on homepage, rest of th post on article page).

    Tryed “<!–more–>” and “[more]” but nothing.

    Thnx in advance http://syndicalaizer.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is syndicalaizer.wordpress.com.



    Nope, checked that. Thnx.



    That’s interesting because it works on every blog I have here no matter which theme I use.


    You are posting through Libre Office? And you can “page break” on that posts?

    Can understand how?

    (im a bit slow today, thnx for your time)



    No I don’t use Libre Office.



    Is it an offline blog editor? If so maybe there has been an upgrade to it? You could use Google search to find out or to post to Libre Office support for help.


    Its an Office Suite, instead of Microsoft Office. You can use it as blog client, it uploads your post :}

    Thnx time thief.



    I would check for Libre Office upgrades and post to their site for support if required. Have you done that?


    yeap, kind of.



    This sounds like something that only the Libre Office folks will be able to help with, since the tag works fine in the WordPress.com administration area, and the problem is with their offline editor.

    Let me know if we can help further.


    Thanks you both. Finally i went a bit around. Since i wanted to put the “insert more tag” at the beging of each post, found out i could just make a new page “[archieves]” and then setting it as homepage…

    Greetings from Greece

    Lock topic plz



    Glad you found a workaround. I’ll close this topic as requested.

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