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insert photo beside text creates space in between lines of text

  1. I use Firefox. I have cleared cache and cookies and refreshed.

    Here is particular blog:

    Inserting photos to my blogs with text always creates problems if I want the photo to be next to the text. In this case, in the editor Visual mode, I put my cursor after the 't' in "fruit" in the first sentence of the blog and clicked to insert Media. I inserted my photo, right aligned. It worked mostly, but a new space was created in between the first two lines, as you can see both in editor mode and the published version. I went to the text mode in Editor and deleted the spaces in between the text and the photo, but that didn't fix the problem.

    Please help me fix the problem as well as give me some pointers on inserting photos next to text (beside text). Does it help to align the text next to the photo, like right align or justify?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't put the cursor down in the text if you want the photo to be aligned at the top with the text.

    Put the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph and when you insert the image, choose "right" or "right-aligned". See if that doesn't work better for you.

  3. Here are more image alignment tips:

  4. That worked! Thanks so much!

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