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    the media upload page has changed, I’ve tried to follow the instruction in the help section, but I’m not able to insert a slideshow to my post.
    I’ve selected the images, and digited in my post [slideshow], but in the preview I just see the image and the word [slideshow].

    It would be great if I could get some help on this topic.

    Thank you in advance


    The blog I need help with is


    I am having the same problem. I cannot figure out a way to do slideshows under the new posting format.


    YES..same situtaton as I hardly insert [slide show] for many of my photos??? How could let updated WordPress in such terrbile situtation??



    Hi Folks,

    the first time I tried in the post only appeared the word [slideshow].

    Today I’ve tried again and this time I succeeded.
    This time I uploaded the pictures as a gallery, put the [slideshow] before the gallery and it worked.
    Here the link

    Good luck!


    Thank you again



    I can only get insert media now, not insert photo/images.
    When I do upload to media is there a way of ticking all images at once not individually and how do I insert a slideshow as there is no icon there?



    We are revamping the slideshow feature and will be bringing back the button in a future update.

    We’ve updated the instructions for adding a slideshow to reflect the new process.

    While there isn’t a way to reorder existing slideshows, there are two ways to set the order on a new slideshow:

    Method 1

    • Add slideshow images to the Media Library
    • Attach each image one by one to the post
    • Add your slideshow shortcode to the post
    • The images will display in the same order you attached them to the post

    Method 2

    • Add images one at a time to a post using the Add Media button
    • Wait until one image is done uploading before uploading the next one
    • Add your slideshow shortcode to the post.
    • The images will display in the same order you uploaded them to the post


    I tried both ways it works, but my problem is why its showing uploaded pics as well, it should only show pictures is slide show no where else, see my post below:

    if its showing all the pictures seperately besides slide show its killing the purpose, please help me at this.




    technocraz – the slideshow displays all images attached to a particular post or page. Are you seeing images displayed in your slideshow that are not attached to that post, and if so, could you please provide links to those specific images in your Media Library so I can take a look? If not, could you please explain in more detail what’s not working as it should? Thanks.



    Hi Kath

    I was in email support with James and he told me how to do that and i have successfully done the slideshow, the same pictures i wanted in slideshow were also coming in post so he told me to delete them from the post not from media library.

    thanks for your support.




    technocraz – great, glad you got this sorted out.

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