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Inserted images never show up in my posts.

  1. beautybuzzedbyyasminesarhi

    When I upload images to insert in my posts, they never show up after I publish or update a post. This has happened to me every single time I've tried to upload/insert an image into a post. I had to do it at least a dozen times to get it show and in my most recent post, it didn't show up no matter how many things I tried to make it work. I even followed the advice given in the FAQ section about uploading/inserting images. It has become such a hassle to do this that I dread having to make anymore posts.

    Please fix this issue. My internet connection is fine. I just recently started this blog (a few days ago) so available space limit couldn't be the problem. I really don't know what else to do.
    Blog url:

  2. A few questions, if you don't mind:

    1. What browser (and version of) are you using?

    2. Do all images fail, or does one make it through?

    3. Are you adding captions to your images?

  3. beautybuzzedbyyasminesarhi


    I am using Internet Explorer 8.
    I tried uploading images with & without captions but I still had problems. Yes, this problem has been happening with all images. I have to insert then re-insert them at least a dozen times for them to show up. Today, no matter what I tried, the image didn't show up in post.

  4. Would it be possible for you to upgrade to IE 9? It's really a much improved browser.

    If not, I'd like to rule-out the possibility of a browser-specific issue.

    Would you mind trying with Firefox or Chrome?

  5. beautybuzzedbyyasminesarhi

    Alright, I'll give all 3 options a try and see if anything works.


  6. beautybuzzedbyyasminesarhi

    After upgrading to IE 9, when I clicked on the "insert image" icon, nothing happened. Clicked about 20 more times, and still, nothing happened. I am now installing Firefox and Google Chrome to see what happens. This is very strange, I have never experienced these problems on other blog sites.

  7. beautybuzzedbyyasminesarhi

    Okay, I tried it out on Firefox and it seems to have done the trick. The image was inserted and uploaded properly from the first try. Thank goodness, was really losing my patience.

    Thanks a lot!

  8. Good, I'm glad it work with something. :)

    As for IE 9, if you'd like to use that, would you mind testing with all add-ons disabled?

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