insert/edit link not working?

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    I am adding a new post and wish to insert a url. In the Visual Editor the insert/edit link is greyed out. Adding the url in the HTML editor shows the link in html, but not in the preview mode.
    What am I doing wrong here?

    The blog I need help with is


    You need to highlight some text first. See here:


    I have discovered a easier option to insert hyperlinks :)))))
    1. switch to html mode on the dashboard.
    2. highlight and copy the url you wish to insert.
    3. click the link button on the dashboard.
    4. paste the link into the link space and ad a desription in the description box if required and click add..
    5. look at the page and you will see the code end with ><
    6. Paste the url inbetween the >< symbols like so >http://blablabla&lt;
    7. thats it job done simples :)))


    one the code is written in the page you can cut and paste it to anywhere you desire within the page you are creating e.g under a photo or under text you have written, just remember to keep it on a new line like this:

    This is a webpage I found check it out:
    paste the hperlink code here on this line.
    more text you write bla bla bla.
    another hyperlink code
    More text here bla bla bla


    @freehansje follow my instructions above then switch to visual :))



    OK, got it, tnx for answering all. I’m a bit fllabbergasted, but hopefully I won’t forget how to do this next time.


    So your able to do it now :)))

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