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Inserting a link in my blog and renaming.

  1. Please does anyone have an idea as to how i can put a link in my post. But i don't want it to appear as the full link, i want it shortened/renamed to something like this ----> 'here'. ???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you put "links" in the Support search box, you get

  3. I have done that but i don't want the link i'm inserting into my post to show in full. I want it shortened as 'here'.

  4. Read the link that I posted. It explains how to use a word or an image like this.

  5. I tried it again, the link is still showing in full. pls is there something i'm doing wrong?

  6. Explain to me step by step what you are doing, and whether you are in the Visual or the Text editor when you're doing it.


  8. dustinhartzler

    Add the word that you'd like to become a hyperlink.

    Then highlight the word and select the paperclip looking icon in the menu bar (where the bold, italics functions are) and add your URL.

  9. Thanks so much! I finally got it right ;-)

  10. dustinhartzler


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