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Inserting a map

  1. I am trying to insert a map from blogabond but i am having huge troubles. Any advice?

    <iframe src='' width=500 height=300 frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe>


  2. frames can't be used here, nor can javascript, flash or forms. You have a platial mapkit widget..have you tried it?

  3. Here's some info on that widget, straight from platial:

  4. That's not really going to give you what you need. You won't be able to do that here at You can link to it, but you can't use iframes or JavaScript here.

  5. I have successfully including two different types of maps into my blog. One type is taken from Google Earth. I just save the map to a file, then I do some editing in a photoshop and then save it again as a photo. I simply upload the photo into my blog. I have done the same thing with maps created on Topo.

  6. I considered using Photoshop, i think that is going to be my best option. Thanks for the advice!

  7. how to have google maps on

    might be what you are looking for!

  8. namyaste,
    if you need to link to your blogabond map, then link to it from your blog!
    the url of your blogabond map is this:

  9. Hey, you'll be happy to know that Blogabond's Travel Map now has a version that works for those poor souls stranded at

    There are instructions on how to use it over at Blogabond, but here is the code you'll need to stick into your blog:

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0" style="position:absolute;margin:2px;" /><img src="" width="450" height="300" border="0"></a>

    Good luck!

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