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    I want to insert a .txt file to my blog, but I know that they aren’t supported by WordPress. I had been advised previously to use a file sharing service like and then paste the link to the document into the body of my post, which I have done. However, I’m wondering if there are any better alternatives to this. I would ideally like to have the document directly visible on the page, or, if this isn’t possible, have it open in a brand new browser window full size, rather than the view you get if you use a link. I’ve tried screen shots but legibility isn’t that great, and I don’t have any editing packages like Photoshop that I can use. If, or something similar, is the best option, can someone confirm that people viewing my blog will be able to see the .txt doc once they click the link? My husband tried last night, but it asked him to sign into before he could view my link (he doesn’t have a file). I don’t want the same issue to happen with people viewing my blog once it goes live this week.

    The blog I need help with is


    You could use scribd which will put a window into your post or page and display the file.



    thanks. I might give that a go and see what it looks like :).



    Another alternative is google documents. Of course you could just put the text into your blog surrounded by the “preformatted” style tags. This article describes the use of preformatted for poetry.

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