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inserting blogroll

  1. I have tried over and over to insert my blogroll and for some strange reason it never shows. I have read all support issues on this and the forum and follwed all advice given and still nothing. Do I need to delete the blog and start over fresh? Any help would be welcome.

  2. what exactly did you do? did you put the links widget in your sidebar so your blogroll can appear? did you also put some links to that those can be seen in your front page? i think if you have the links widget inserted but without any actual links it may not be seen.

  3. Perhaps this this blogger has another blog that is not linked to his or her username. The one that is linked to the username here in the forum displays this:
    The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

  4. I never saw directions for posting the blogroll. Frankly, for all I knew, I had deleted an instruction to have it show.

  5. @opit
    Where is your blog? What is the url? I ask because the one linked to your username here in the forum says it has been deleted so do you have another one? What is the name of your theme? I ask because some themes do not have widgets.

    So provided that you do have a blog and you have chosen a theme that does have widgets this is how it goes. The Blogroll is accessed from your admin panel => Blogroll => Add Link. Here is where you enter the links you want and you assign them to categories and then click "Add Link" to save.
    Next you go to Presentation => Sidebar widgets and you drag and drop the Links widget into your sidebar and then click "save changes".
    Your links that you entered into your Blogroll will now display in your sidebar in alphabetical order in accord with the categories you assigned to them. This will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

  6. Thanks Timethief
    I don't know why I didn't spot that utility unless I didn't bother scrolling down. URL is
    It's interesting but mystifying why the blog is showing as discontinued. That might be why I don't have more traffic as I'm blogrolled on whom I met while commenting on Washington Monthly - only one of my many stops link-hopping. I would have expected more trackback than I seem to have happening over the past year plus blogging.

  7. Thank you so much for this thread. I was missing the key piece of information that the "links" sidebar widget would display my Blogroll (why is that widget not called "Blogroll"?!)

  8. @opit
    You're welcome. :)

    I've got to admit that I think the term "Blogroll" is old fashioned and somewhat stupid sounding. What is brings to mind for me is a fallen alder tree that has laid in a creek rotting for too many years to be useful even as firewood.

    A modern word would be "Bookmarks". I think the widget is correctly named "Links" and I think the "Blogroll" word should be replaced with either "Bookmarks" or "Links". :D

  9. why is that widget not called "Blogroll"

    We've wondered that a couple of times here in teh forums as well. Pointed it out to staff even.

  10. Just want to chime in on this. I also had the problem of not placing the link widget in the sidebar. Its really stupid and wastes a lot of time. Now if I could only get them to be displeyed in the proper order (by link ID). Somehow the updates I make do not hold. They appear in the correct order in the blogroll page after I save them, but not in the blog and when I return to the blogroll page, the ordering has reverted to "by name". I know this is not the place.

  11. @macfarley
    This will help you understand blogrolls, links and categories and their relationships.

  12. The word "Blogroll" derives from the publishing practice of "Logrolling" ie I'll give you a flattering blurb for the cover of your book if you give me one for the cover of mine. In my opinion, it is perfect!

  13. Can anyone PLEASE help me get the order I want for my blogrolls? The updates do not hold, they seem to default to the "Name" choice only.

  14. Please read the information at the links provided in this thread. Themes are hardcoded to display the links you insert into your blogroll in alphabetical order in accord with the categories you assign to those links. This cannot be changed. The only thing that can change the order of display is the renaming of the categories you provide and assign to the links when you enter them into your blogroll.

  15. Well I guess that was a waste of typing and time :(

    The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

  16. *shrug* We get paid the same.

  17. Greetings,
    I have the Links widget enabled in my side bar and have been unable to import my blogroll from Google Reader. I get the following error message:
    XML error: no element found at line 1

    Inserted 0 links into category 353296. All done! Go manage those links.
    I have tried looking for solutions to this problem with little success. I am running a free site from WordPress. Any solutions or directions will be appreciated.

  18. I politely point you to the search function. I do believe there are a couple of workarounds already discussed.

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