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    Hi all,

    I’m a total novice here, so please excuse my ignorance.

    I’ve had a quick search of the Forums, but haven’t found a topic that quite answers my query:

    I’m try to add code to the body of a post on my blog, but can’t quite figure out how to make it appear.

    I’m attempting to offer the html code of a linked banner so that people can copy & paste it to their blog/site/etc. But every time I try it, it just ends up with the image appearing in the post (rather than the HTML appearing).

    I tried using the “code” tags (above the text field, when writing a post), but that doesn’t appear to be working.

    Can anyone help?


    – Joan,



    Actually, You can use HTML tag to format the coding style.

    Check it out.

    You can also read the reply from other ppl..



    Thanks a million, Michael:

    I hadn’t seen this thread in my earlier search – That’s perfect!



    May be you can try this out:



    I have just visted your blog. I am concerned that you may not be aware of the differences between self hosted and web hosted blogs through and the blogs available to us here at There are very large some might say *huge* differences and I can see that you have been twice referred to threads that have referred to plug-ins that are not available to you here at
    Just to prevent you wasting time and going off course would you please read this thread entitled “please read me first before posting”

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