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    I’d like to insert a gallery of images to a page using images I’ve uploaded for previous posts but I’m not sure how to do this. I hit the Add Media button and then choose Media Library. After that, I’m stuck. I can choose between All Types and Images and I see the Show link for each image but when I click Show, there is nothing there that jumps out at me to add that image and some others to a gallery.

    What am I missing? How can I add a gallery of previously uploaded photos to a new page?

    The blog I need help with is



    I finally found the answer. I had to go to my post/page, select the HTML tab and type in the following:

    [gallery include="2265,2230,2228,2227,2224,2223,2221,2219,2172,2084,1930,1865,1434,1280" orderby="ID ASC"]

    All of the numbers are the IDs of numbers of the images I wanted (I found the IDs by going to Media > Library and hovering over each image I wanted so that the ID would display).

    What a convoluted, difficult and user-UNfriendly way of doing things.



    Hi there,
    I’m so glad to read you have mastered this. Best wishes with your blog.

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