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Inserting Google maps

  1. I asked this a week or so ago but couldn't find it again and have been on holiday - sorry! I want to embed a google map in my post. It seems to work but when you save and go back the image disappears and you're left with 'Show larger map' text. I have got one of those API code thingies from google but am still unsure. I saw some advice on it on this forum but it was way over my head (and i used to do IT support(admittedly not very well))

    Can anyone help me?

  2. If you could point out at which parts my tutorial is incomprehensible I'll try to rewrite it more userfriendly.

  3. Deltafoxtrot,
    Sorry, didn't mean to cause offence. It was more a dig at my IT illiteracy. I'm also very impatient. What do I need to do to the code from google maps - the one that is for embedding rather than just the link? Or it that I need the link? Do I add<img. tags to this code and if so do I need to delete any of the google code?
    Where do I stick the API code?

    Thanks in advance and I wouldn't worry about making it clearer on my expense as I'm sure most others can follow it!

  4. Groundhog: I am NOT offended. My tutorial should obviously be easier to read. I just need feedback. So we're fine. :-)

    When you're through the Static Maps assistant, use the generated link in an image tag (Make sure to do this in HTML mode). It should look like this

    <img src=""/>

  5. And please follow up whether this worked out for you.

  6. I've had a few tries at making this work, but with no success. First of all I already have a map with the balloons on marking things. I want to use this map. I just need to know the code to embed it into wordpress. The google code it gives me is iframes which appears to work but when you reload it it disappears.
    What I need is something like:

    You need to type the html: <img src="the_link_to_your_map/>Title of your map

    I'm confused about creating this static map. I've already spent hours creating a google map with 17 balloons labelled. Is it possible to use this map?

    Thanks again for any help - the frustration is at myself.

  7. That's weird. The forum has deleted half of my example html - it carried on for a while after Title of your Map.

  8. 1.) You created your API key
    2.) To create a map you go to
    Anything else won't work.
    3.) Paste the resulting link into an image tag like this: <img src="HERE" />

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