Inserting image from a post’s Gallery into the post

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    Hi all,

    I just started my blog, and I have run into the following problem several times.

    Steps to repeat:
    1. When editing a post, click the “Upload/Insert Image” icon and upload an image
    2. Forget to actually insert it into the post in that process, but otherwise save it
    3. Realize this, and again click the “Upload/Insert Image” icon
    4. This time, go to the Gallery tab and click the “show” link
    5. Observe the complete lack of option to insert into post

    There’s a discrepancy here with the support document, which seems to say I’d have the option to insert the image into the post after clicking “Show”:

    Anyone else have this problem? I’m guessing so, given that the overwhelming majority of the votes on the latter help doc were for “unhelpful”.

    Is there any workaround besides writing the code manually (which I can do, it’s just annoying).

    Thank you!


    No discrepancy. Your step 4 is wrong: you need to click “Media Library” (as the info page you linked to says), not “Gallery”.



    Not a reply but a question…
    If you download a few photos all together from your computer into a post, do you find it takes a really long time? 9 photos took almost an hour to download…



    Entirely depends on the size of the uploaded photos.


    @pommepal: And in your case they’re huuuuuge. The first one, for instance, is 4.5MB (2682 x 1731 at a resolution of 180). Don’t upload the files you get from your camera: apart from the problem you already encountered, you’re wasting your available uploading space. You must make copies of them, edit them in an image editing application to reduce their resolution to 72 and optimize them for the web, and upload those copies.



    panaghiotisadam: thanks for the answer!

    But sheesh… that seems like a poor UI choice. ;)


    @pommepal, I explained to you exactly why that was happening in the other thread you started earlier today.


    (@tsp: Sorry, hadn’t seen the other thread.)


    @panos, I figured you hadn’t.

    @pommepal, you can find the other threads that you have posted in either by clicking on “member” under your username, or by clicking on your username at the top of the forums where it says, “Welcome, pommepal .



    thanks to you all I now will be able to speed every thing up.



    First time I have used a forum so abit green. But very impressed with the quick responses….

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