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Inserting Image turns all text into an underlined link to that image.

  1. Bear with me. I'm very new to this. When I insert an image (using the "send to editor" button), the picture shows up fine. Then, when I save the post, the picture vanishes and all the text in the post is suddenly underlined and is in fact a link to the picture!

    I've had all kinds of crazy things happen like this in the last few days as I experimented with a WordPress blog. Entire sections of text will vanish when this happens. It's very frustrating.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

  2. The closing </a> tag sometimes doesn't appear. I've raised the issue (made a ticket over at WPMU land) in the past but staff has been unable to dupe the error.

    I've just gotten to the point that I manually check.

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