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    What am I doing wrong in posting/inserting images? I’m using Image tool (in the Edit Post/Page) screen; uploading from my photos, the URL populates so I go ahead and click Insert Image. I see them there… but then when I check back, both through editing as adminstrator or browser on Internet (like a viewer) there’s no pictures! All that’s showing up are the blank white panels with X in the corner. Still feeling stupid but learning a lot! Help! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


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    Please provide a link to a post with the problem pictures, starting with http:// so we can take a look.


    Here’s the problem post…

    I’ve got this same post on my “Most Recent Posts” page and it’s showing up the same way. Thanks for looking at this for me!



    Hi There!
    The url format is what is causing the issue I recommend downloading the images to your computer then upload the photos via the blog editor this should resolve the matter.

    Option 2 upload the image to a free image hosting site then use the url provided by the site to use via the image up-loaders url method via your blog editor.


    OK, now I’m going to sound beyond stupid…I’ve already done the first two steps (download to my computer and then upload to blog gallery) but what is the Blog Editor? I’m a new blogger so I sure appreciate your help and patience. Thanks.


    I understand the free image hosting site but would rather not go that route. Also, my images seem to load when they feel like it on the post…they were populating a few minutes ago, but now they’re gone again. Thanks!



    what is the Blog Editor?

    The blog editor is referred to as the editor where the post is written you can access the post editor with the image issue by clicking edit via your dashboard underneath the post title.

    Also, my images seem to load when they feel like it on the post…they were populating a few minutes ago, but now they’re gone again.

    The issue with the disappearing images could be related to back end changes by staff I recommend waiting 24hrs if the images are still acting in this manner then I would recommend deleting them and re-uploading them but before you do you will need to change the name of the image file by one character so the servers don’t refer back to the deleted image while the image remains in que to be purged from the servers.

    Example of photo file name change photo1.jpg could be renamed for exapmle to photo2.jpg or photo12.jpg


    OK, I just reloaded all of them through the Gallery, using your advice with the Editor (edit button) and so far so good. I appreciate the continuing comment/advice from you so I’ll wait now and check them in the morning. If they’re gone again in the a.m. I’ll try your advice about changing image file name. Thanks for all your help!



    They look gorgeous to me.


    They seem to be loading perfect today! (aren’t they beautiful?!) You might get tired of hearing but – THANKS again for all the help and support you guys provide! I try to learn these new things on my through WP subject pages, but sometimes I have to ask you guys – you’ve always been awesome! Thanks again!



    You’re welcome!

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