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Inserting Images, Files etc

  1. Is anyone else having continual problems trying to upload images or files? Over the last few days I haven't been able to do this at all and it's very frustrating.

    I keep getting a yellow triangle and a warning message at the bottom left hand of my screen anytime I try to add anything. Help!!!!

  2. Please give us a link to your blog, starting with http, and let us know what browser and version you're using.

  3. Same problem here at:
    I've got IE 7, and I can't get photos to upload. The one that's there was done through Flickr. I've tried it several times from WordPress, and it looks like they're going "somewhere" because I see that the size of my available space is getting smaller. When I click on [Add an image] in the "Add Media" toolbar, then pick the photo I want, the photo shows and I can select options. When I click on [Insert into post], the window goes to a blank dark-grey box and nothing happens.

  4. Then when you upload, just copy the URL of the image and put that in the post using the Image Icon, the tree. That's the workaround that seems to work for pretty much everyone.

    To find the URL in the Media Library, I right-click on the image and Copy Image Location. This gives you the URL of the thumbnail, and you just delete everything after the .jpg in the URL. So it'll look like and you would delete ?w=123. That leaves you the URL of the actual image. Does that make sense?

  5. Good suggestion to add the URL of the media. I never thought of that but I suppose I was on autopilot-since the old image uploader worked so well. I tried disabling my pop-up blocker and it made no difference. I get the greyed out main screen and a blank pop up window. I am using Firefox/

  6. It seems to happen to Windows users exclusively. What OS are you using?

  7. aishwaryawedsabhishek

    whenever I try to upload an image, uploader goes way down the screen, images get uploaded but i cant insert them into post as i button to insert is beyond my screen. Huh!

  8. Problem is still there ; but solved it by switching browser to Firefox. IE6 and IE7 are just pants!

  9. i've the same problem. I upload images, but when I click on [Insert into post], the window goes to a blank dark-grey box and nothing happens. I've the problem with IE6, IE7 and firefox.... Can You help me?

  10. Another Windows user here with the same problem. Can upload pdf file, etc to my Gallery, but can't get it into the page I want it on. It's as though something is missing...a check box? Something like that. Unfortunately can't connect my Mac at the moment to try from there. Suggestions?

  11. i am having the same problem. Worked up until a few days ago, now nothing. Very frustrating. Space gets smaller, no image, light grey box, no image.

  12. Should be able to copy the URL of the PDF and put some text in (you need anchor text), highlight that text, and use the link icon to link it to the PDF.

  13. With any luck, they'll ban your IP from posting.

  14. I think they should go to his house and tell his parents, but they're just not listening to me.

  15. Hi everyone...
    Is there anyone who knows how to petition to Automatics to revert the system of uploading images back to the old one?
    It can do that we have to refresh again and again. It could be 15~30min of refreshing for one image... OMG~


  16. Pray. And I can tell you that whatever god you pray to, it's not going to work.

  17. scottythecomic

    Images are the devil's work!

  18. Rain,

    But something must be done... isn't it? The old system was good, if the 'upgrade' ends up in such manner, just undone it.

    Try to use your beauty and mesmerising the team to do so for the welfare of all. LOL!!!

    Anyway, this has been months of waiting for something to be done. So how now?


  19. Wondering how long you've waited for the gray box magic to work? Sometimes i've thought nothing was happening but then patience rewards! ;p

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