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    Since the new dashboard, I can’t correctly position uploaded images. They used to go where you last had your cursor but now they always go to the top of the page which is annoying. Also the descptions and titles don’t appear and the positioning doesn’t work. Any ideas?


    The alignment thing is weird. It is putting in class=alignleft and then if you highlight the image in the editor and click left align, it puts in style=float: left;

    I’ve had no problem with images going where I want them as long as I remember to place the cursor where I want the image right before I click on the button to get to the add media stuff. I have noticed that if you click “save”, the cursor will lose it’s position and you have to reset it to where you were.



    I’m having the same problem. My images go to the top of the page no matter where my cursor was. The cursor seems to dissapear as soon as I click on the add image button.


    Right before you click on the add an image or add media button, click in the text area where you want the image to go. If you do a save just prior, it will take the cursor out of the text area. I’ve had good luck doing it this way, and before I go to insert the image, I look at the text area to make certain I see the cursor bar blinking where I want the image.

    Regardless, you can always highlight the image by clicking on it and then dragging it to the location you want.

    I’m wondering if the autosave feature might be taking the cursor out since whenever it happens, the cursor seems to disappear from the text area.

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