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    How do I insert images without the ability of a user clicking on the image to see its larger resolution? In that, the image is embedded in the post and cannot be clicked.. Since then the user has access to your high-res photo.


    The blog I need help with is



    How about just uploading pictures that are not hi-res? Rework the pictures with Photo-shop, Gimp or whatever.


    auxclass is right. That way you don’t waste storage space, and you get better quality too – see here:


    Pan, did you change your theme after you originally created this post:

    I went there to check it out, and it has some very good information that I am going to be sure to direct some of my friends to look at, but I noticed that the images were crowding the text out of the column. Just thought I would point taht out



    Well I’m having the same problem. I uploaded pictures to the media and when I went to insert them on a page, it ask for the url. I tried to figure it out but couldn’t, what am I doing wrong?


    @countrycinderella: Thanks for pointing out.

    No I’ve never changed theme. Perhaps you’ve zoomed in too much in your browser, or you’ve got a very small screen?


    Pan, I do not have my browser zoomed, but apparently since I like to have my screen(s) (yes I have multiple) in portrait orientation rather than landscape. When I stretch my window to more than one screen, then the pictures in your post no longer crowd the text.

    Does that mean that in certain themes (the one you are using in particular) the pictures show up in the main column as a percentage of the whole browser width not the column width? (just curious, I do not expect to know of any way to fix this, just to be aware of it for future reference)

    or maybe it is just because I am using FireFox? (okay just checked and it happens in IE too so not a FF issue)

    This would definitely be something that people would need to keep in mind when using different themes for a photo rich blog.

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