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    mtdewvirus: I cleared the cash three times with no effect but the fourth time gave me back the ability to insert an image. The radio buttons still don’t work. All images are in the correct place in the post editor but end up on the left on the blog. Any suggestions there?



    i tried to upload an image to my blog this morning and found no problems.


    The not being able to insert into a post ahs been an intermittent problem for me the last several days.

    On another thread someone suggested taking the url of the picture and using the “tree” in the command bar and putting it in there and that works.

    For the bottom missing on the add media box, I made the Firefox window so short that a scroll bar appeared in the Add Media box and then I could scroll down to the insert button and/or see the url.



    At least there is a new problem. The black bar at the top of the Add Media pane stays on screen after pressing Insert. Nothing further happens, no image post no nothing. Clicking the “x” gets rid of the bar but next time it is right back to stay again.

    Please don’t again say to refresh the browser/cache. I have refreshed until I am blue in the face, tried both current versions of Firefox, used Safari and rebooted numerous times. The plain fact is that the new image pane just doesn’t work. Fixing one thing results in something else breaking. Sure raises cain with trying to run a blog. Maybe it’s just time to switch. :(


    The media stuff is quite messed up right now. I had been having no problems with the media uploading and insertion since the upgrade, but now I too am having problems. Whatever staff did in the back alley is in my opinion a step or two backwards.

    I’ve given up on Firefox and moved to Safari 3.1.1 which is working well for me. I even uninstalled FF and reinstalled thinking .14 may have been an issue since it seemed to coincide with me having problems, but that didn’t help either.

    I’m beginning to wonder if this new version will ever be stable and work well for everyone.



    Please go back to the old version of uploading images. I can’t see the whole upload box. I have forced it to work occasionally by blindly tabbing to the end, hoping I’m at “insert into entry” – or whatever it says (I can’t see it). But, what usually happens is it gets sent to Gallery and there’s no way to insert it from there. This new version isn’t working.


    A few weeks ago, I had only the top half of the “Insert Into Post” showing at the bottom of the screen but the problem was solved after I had cleared the cookies and emptied the cache file.

    Earlier today, after I have clicked on “Insert Into Post”, I only see a full page black screen and no images were inserted into post at all. Tried the same cookies/cache clearing, logging out and in, refreshing the screen, but nothing works this time.

    Now, I am reading the forums hoping to find a solution but thus far, it has been pretty disappointing. :cry:



    Go to Media Library. Hover your cursor over the image itself and copy the URL of the image. It’ll have V=thumbnail or some such code after the .jpg. Just delete everything after the .jpg. That is the URL of your image. Put it in the post using the Image Icon, the tree. You can do all your formatting there.



    I, too, have had nothing but problems trying to insert images and photos into my posts. I’ve done the refreshing thing. I’ve cleared the temporary Internet files as well as a few other suggestions, to no avail. I can sometimes get the image to insert, but it takes waaaaaay too much effort. I am beyond frustrated!!!! Prior to this updated version I had no problems with inserting images. I don’t like this new updated WP version at all. I am thinking about moving my blog at this point.



    Are you using the Flash uploader or the Browser uploader? I find the latter more dependable, can’t get teh Flash uploader to work at all.


    Bless you, dear raincoaster, for taking the time to give us another method to insert images into our posts! Phew! Now I can happily blog away …. Thank you! :D



    You’re welcome. The Flash uploader works brilliantly on any system capable of guiding the Space Shuttle; for many others here in the real world, the Browser uploader is a better choice.


    Well, I’m certainly over the moon now! LOL!


    I get error 2038 when using the flash uploader and it times out when using the browser uploader.



    How can I tell if I’m using Flash or just my browser uploader? FWIW, I successfully uploaded images yesterday, so perhaps the problem is solved…Time will tell…I’ll cross my fingers! Thanks!

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