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Inserting links into forum topic comments

  1. Over on the "What Did You Post in Your Blog Today?" topic, I've seen where a couple of people were somehow able to insert the title of a post as a link. I'm not talking about the usual "http://..." but rather the way a link would show in a blog post or blogroll.

    Can someone explain how this is done?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks TSP, but you seem to have misunderstood me. I don't that what that FAQ details would work in the window I'm typing into right now. That is what I asked. The instructions below this box don't seem to cover it.

  3. This is a line of hyperlinked text.

    And here is the code I put in to make the above:

    <a href="">This is a line of hyperlinked text.</a>

  4. Thanks. Now that's what I wanted to know! As I don't like to look like an idiot, I didn't want to try inserting code stuff that isn't listed below the box. Can you give me a link that clearly states what is and is not allowed?

  5. a blockquote code em strong ul ol li.

    code=makes it display as code
    ul= unordered list
    ol=ordered list

  6. You know, I thought that read "a blockquote code." Silly me! No wonder it didn't make sense! :oops:

    Since this thing doesn't support smilies (DAMN!), picture me blushing!

    BTW, which did you use to put up the text with the border? I'm confused about the difference blockquote and code. They seem interchangeable.

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  8. @andrea, we would need a link to the blog, and just so you know, typically requests such as this should go in the off topic forum.

  9. And are greeted with some hostility. Do not hijack other people's technical help threads for the purpose of self-promotion.

    izaakmak, I used backticks. On my keyboard they're on the same key as the ~. You put one at the start, put your content in, and then one at the end; that makes it display properly, if it's code.

    And blockquotes are meant to show you're quoting someone. They don't force code to display, rather than execute. I use backticks for that instead of the Code tag.

  10. Thanks rain.

  11. yw.

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