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    I’d like to be able to insert multiple posts on a Page (similar to how they’d appear on the Home page). Let me explain my requirement with an example.

    I am a travel blogger and have Pages (which appear in my menu bar) which say: Asia, Europe, Americas. Each of these have sub-pages would have drop downs under them viz: Asia> India, China, Europe> France

    There are two requirements i have:
    1. When I put a new post (A day in Delhi) on the Home page, it actually is related to one of the countries, India. So, I’d want the same post to be available on the Home page (where I would post it by default) and automatically under Asia> India> A Day in Delhi.

    2. On clicking the Pages which appear as main menus (Asia, Europe etc), it should show a complete list of all posts under the sub-pages of that menu (i.e. If I click Asia, it should show me all posts under India, China etc)

    Can someone help me with how to do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but you don not comprehend the differences between pages and posts and that’s critical. Staff have provided help for those who want to structure their blog like a website. >

    What’s critical is:
    (1) a clear comprehension of the differences between pages and posts >
    (2) a clear comprehension of the fact that there is only one dynamic page in a blog for posts and we cannot post to more than that one page. But we can create the appearance that we have posted to more than one page.

    We organize our posts by assigning Categories to them. When we publish a post it automatically appears on the running page for posts and also on the Categories pages and Archives pages. Note: There must be one published post in each Category in order for there to be anything to display.

    A custom menu allows you to display Categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation where normally only Pages tabs are displayed. If you wish you can also include Pages and custom links in your custom menu as well.

    These are the how-to instructions:
    How to create Pages >
    How to create a custom menu.

    1.You add the Categories you want to display and arrange them in the order you want.

    2. Then you add and drop and drag the sub-categories below the appropriate Categories.

    3. You add the Pages you want to display and arrange them in the order you want.

    4. Then you add and drop and drag the sub-pages (child pages) below the appropriate parent Pages.

    5. You add the custom links you want to display and arrange them in the order you want.

    6. When you have everything arranged in the menu that you want you save the menu.

    7. Go to the “theme location” module at upper left on the menu page. Select your custom menu name from the pull-down labeled “primary location.” Click the save button in that module.

    8. Refresh your browser so that it isn’t possibly pulling a cached page, and view see your new menu with Parent pages and dropdowns to sub-pages.



    Also as your are new to I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series:



    Thanks, i went through some of these tutorials and realized i wasnt aware of how to create menus and how categories could be utilized to create menus. I have been able to sort this out now, thanks so much to your guidance and links.



    I’m glad to hear what I posted helped you. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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