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    I am a freelance writer. All my published articles are there on I have just been wondering if there is any possibility of displaying the pdf content on this wordpress blog instead of the text content.

    I am not familiar with these things. Please let me know.Thanks.



    At this point that not a option here @
    The link option is all that is allowed at this point.



    I agree. PDF is its own thing: either you deal with the limitations and post or type things out one by n.



    Thanks for replying, teck07 and raincoaster.

    I presume that teck07 implies uploading by the word “link” that has been used.

    I tried to upload the pdf file on my latest post. It got uploaded but the file size is 603KB-

    Cam I upload with each post or is there some limit to the number of bites you can upload? Pardon my asking this but I have never tried this before.



    Yes, there’s a limit but it’s pretty big. 2GB, I think? You’ll get quite a lot of pdf’s anyway.



    Oh, and if you do run out of space, you can pay for more.



    Thanks a lot rosclarke. Just want to be doubly sure. @GB would imply 2*1000*1000-2000000 KB. Is that right?

    I tried to search for paying for additional space but got irrelevant results. Can you please give me the relevant link or let me know how much one has to pay beyond 2GB? Thanks.


    It’s called “space upgrade” – see here:
    But don’t rush: the space available for free is 3GB, not 2, and that’s really huge (= room for almost 2.000 pdfs similar to the one you uploaded).


    Sorry, 6.000 it is!



    Thansk Panaghiotisadam.

    That was a useful link you gave. I never thought of this but I suppose there is no limit to the number of text posts that one can make. That also must be consuming space. Just a thought. Do let me know if there is.


    @hirenshah: Posts are unlimited. The 3GB space refers to uploaded files only.

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