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    When I go to Upload/Insert a photo, I choose the “From URL” option, then add my URL link and title, the “Insert Photo” button appears not to be live (it’s “greyed out”). When I click the button nothing happens.

    Why can’t I insert a photo using a URL??? It worked just fine yesterday. I’m trying to use my photobucket files since uploading images directly to WP distorts and diminishes the quality of the photo drastically. I tried using URLs from sites other than Photobucket, but those don’t work either.


    The blog I need help with is



    Why don’t you try it again – I think that WordPress is trying something new with the insert photo from url option with ‘oEmbed’ and that may have borked things a little for you.

    I just tried inserting a photo from a url right now and it worked fine.


    The new Embed feature must be throwing it off. It still won’t work for me.

    My “Insert into Post” button is still not active. I just had to copy the code from another post and insert my photo thoat way. I sure hope they fix this though… it’s quite annoying.


    I just tested a couple of insert from URL’s and they worked fine for me. I was looking at the image stuff just a little while ago, and their are some welcome changes being rolled out it appears. It may be a little unstable for a while.


    Snap, i’m having probs too! Lets hope it works itself out soon. ;-)



    Anyone know how to get the photos of books to show in a sidebar “Books I Recommend”?


    I think it has something to do with this computer. It has some restrictions on it. When I tried to post a photo using a URL from my personal computer, it worked fine.

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