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Inserting ppt slideshows

  1. Is there a way of inserting self-made ppt slideshows into a blog?

    I am aware of other sites that offer such a service (slideshare, rockyou, etc) but would like a slideshow without the attached advertising and in built links that these inevitably include.

    I just want to upload and insert my own simple slideshow. When I do this I can only link to the file as opposed to see the slideshow in the Blog itself.

    Hope this is possible and somebody can help,

  2. This is what is available here at

  3. I'm afraid you have to find a host site. Or just upload the slideshow as a link without embedded display. You could hide the link behind a screenshot.

    But not all your readers have a ppt/pps reader but since that software is free you could provide them a link to the download on Microsoft's homepage.

  4. And then we have the Vod:Pod system. You can embed slideshows fra nearly ALL known sites it you install the VodPod button and register a username and your blog at Vod:Pod's site.

  5. Now, there is a solution for mp3s that might also work for your slideshow. I have no idea how this works - I must underline that - because I have not tested it myself. Link:

  6. Or, if you have an animation tool, you could create a gif and upload it.

  7. Thanks. I'll test out the few suggestions and let people know how they worked out. Do I need to upgrade to use the vod.pod system?

    What do you mean by 'animation tool'?


  8. No. And you will find Vod:Pod just so genius!

  9. I've signed up and get the gist of it. But do I need to upload video format stuff or convert ppt files to video? Or can I also upload ppt files or even flash videos?

  10. I've just tried various embed options using the code supplied on vod.bod, but only ended up with a lot of texts and links. Do I need to set up something on wordpress first?

  11. You need to install the Vod:Pod embed button. It will emerge in your pc toolbar.

  12. Here:

    Posts, pages and Widget. PodPod can do it all.

  13. Hasn't appeared on the toolbar - maybe as I've got a Mac. The Bookmark link looks like it might work though. Still can't see how I'm going to get either the ppt file or a video file embedded, but I'll keep trying.


  14. You will have to restart your pc after install. Allow pop-ups. Your video and your slideshow must be uploaded to a host site.

  15. @universalgeni, Does this mean everyone who comes to the OP's site would have to download the embed button in order to see his ppt slideshow?

  16. No. Videos, slidesshows etc. work as always.

  17. Ok... I've got the embedding worked out - at least for video - thanks, it will definately be useful in the future - still open to suggestions for inserting ppt slideshows.

  18. I can't find any Mac info at Vod:Pod's site. Surely they must have something...

  19. @universalgeni, Then how does that help the OP with ppt slideshows?

  20. Sorry, I missed quite a few comments there before sending the last message. Do you think it should work with ppt as long as I have a host? Tried sending one directly to vodblod and it's still mulling over it. Appreciate all the help,

  21. Yes, it is extremely useful, ivk2! :-D))) The slideshow embeds exactly the same way: hit the Vod:Pod button!

  22. Yes, ivk2. Find a host for your slideshow and hit the Vod:Pod button.

  23. I'll try tomorrow,

  24. @ thesacredpath. Having a Vod:Pod button allows you to embed whatever you like. Documents, slideshows, games, broadcasts, videos from literally 1000s of sites. No more flash/frame/java/scrips limits. You can host everything wherever you like.

    (Ok, there are failures but they are few).

    And it is easy. Click, click, click. Done - posted.

  25. Have managed getting a slideshow up without any problems via slideshare. Ok but still the same as with all the other stuff... rockyou, splashcast, etc - Somewhere on the slideshow will be a little link taking the viewer to another site filled with advertising - no escaping it these days (Though with the video embedding direct from vodpod this could be avoided, which was nice). I suppose it comes with having free services.

    Thanks for your help though, I'll have a think about how to use the new tools.


  26. Also still interested with the idea of an animated gif... How does this work?


  27. Effectively it is a series of gif images shown in succession. The problem is, that they are extremely large file size wise and I would suggest against them for what you are wanting to do.

  28. Ok, thanks.

  29. Actually the easiest way to insert a ppt in your post is to use slideshare:

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