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    Hi there,
    I’d like to make a post more interesting by scattering some small text boxes among the main body text. The text boxes contain additional information for the reader that would break up the flow of the post if included in the main body, but I want to make sure that information is somewhere on the post without having to resort to footnotes. What I’m aiming for is something like an article in a magazine, where there are extra bits and pieces to accompany the main article.
    How can I achieve this with a post in WordPress?
    Thanks for your help.



    Is this what you are looking for?



    1) You posted in the CSS forum, but you don’t seem to have the Custom Design upgrade. In this case you need to use much coding in the Text (=code) editor, for each and every box. If you had the upgrade, you would define a default style in the CSS editor then use very little coding in the Text editor.
    2) You mean left or right aligned boxes (like the images in your latest post)? If so, you need my instructions for borders, as per timethief’s link, with some additional coding to make the boxes narrow and make the main text wrap around them. Example:

    <div style="width:25%;float:left;border:1px solid #ddd;background-color:#f3f3f3;margin-right:14px;padding:8px;">

    This is for a left aligned box. For a right aligned box you’ll need float:right and margin-left. Naturally you can freely change the width percentage. I’ve added a thin grey border and a light grey bg color (the same greys that are used for captioned images in The Morning After). Try this example and tell us what you’d like to change.

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