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Insertion of logo's


    how do I insert a logo [see link] to get my site onto newsnow ?


  2. Depends on where you're trying to add it into your blog:

    Add an image to your sidebar
    Add an image to a post

  3. sorry mate, it won't let me upload the image, I'm doing something wrong - what does it mean by upload a widget ?????

  4. Where are you trying to add it into your blog?

    Why won't it allow you to upload? Is it giving you an error or what?

    You need to explain what is occuring please and give details.

    Can we see your blog to see what is occuring?


    here is the site. I am just trying to insert the logo down the side somewhere. I click on upload - as you said - and nothing happens, I don't get any options to go further.

    I have saved the logo to my hard drive, now I want to upload it and insert it.

  6. drmike has pointed you to the right places.

  7. A logo is an image and can be uploaded and then placed in a text widget and displayed in your sidebar. as vivian says drmike has already given you the link to the instructions for doing that. Here's the link again

  8. gogetsupokemon

    Erm..I am searching for a logo , instead of a page ..I mean at the address bar. Like in this forum its only a page (before http:// stuff..) PEASE somebody help me ..Tell me at
    [email redacted]

    My site is
    Thenkens & plz help!

  9. You mean a custom favicon. We can't have them here at WordPress: we only have the WP "W".

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