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    Last few days I have the problem with insert image’s or video’s .If I want to insert image from my computer or my blog gallery in my new post or new page. It’s not working . Image does not display. I don’t see any html code in the edit window either. Can anybody help me?

    The blog I need help with is



    Please try some toubleshooting techniques.
    Have you tried logging out of and force clearing your browser cache and cookies and then logging in again?
    Browser specific instructions here >
    Please post which browser and version of it you are using. Have you tried another browser?
    Has your operating system been updated recently?
    Has your security program and firewalls been updated recently?
    Are you running the most current version of Flash?
    You can use this link to see if your flash is up to date. If it’s not then go to and download and install the latest version of flash.
    How do you connect to the interent and to please?



    Are you the Admin of this blog? If not then what is your “user role” on the blog? Please see here and note that Contributors cannot upload images.



    I just wanted to thank you for the info you posted above, timethief.

    I was having the same problem, the insert images and add tag buttons weren’t working at all. Firefox and Flash were up to date and I had just cleared out cookies a couple days ago. It turns out clearing my cache did the trick.

    Your link to the browser issue page, and the link on that page to the Google info on how to clear the cache was a huge help! I hadn’t figured out how to do that on Firefox yet since I switched over.

    So even though I didn’t ask the original question, you helped me out! Thanks.



    I am administrator and i cleared cache and cookies , My browser is latest Firefox 3.6.13 , I am using Flash player10.1.102.64. But still I have the problem with insert/upload image’s.



    You’re welcome. I’m glad what I posted helped you. Whenever I experience any kind of problem I log out, force clear my cache and cookies and the problem is usually resolved.



    I’m sorry but I’m at a loss as to how to help you. Here’s the link to contact Staff directly with. Please be sure to provided Staff with as much detail as you can.

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