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Inside look at ZeekRewards and if it works

  1. Hey guys, I'm doing a blog about ZeekRewards. They're a company that you can apparently make a lot of money in by using Penny Auctions. I just signed up yesterday and made this blog to post either my success or failure.

    It's not a blog to advertise, it's a blog to inform. I guess in the future if it's legit I'll use it to advertise, but for now, I just want to inform others that may be thinking of doing something like this.

    So, anyway, I just need some people to visit it and tell me what they think. What would you add, take away, etc. I've only ever done 1 blog and I just lost interest in it because I wasn't very interested to begin with.

    I just want some constructive criticism and if you're interested in following my progress I think there's a way to follow my blog, not exactly sure how though.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Lol. Nice Tags.

  3. Thanks, would you suggest others?

  4. I would suggest reviewing the Terms of Service and Types of Blogs permitted here. Sounds like you may be putting in effort on a blog that might be suspended soon.

  5. Hmm....thanks raincoaster. I think I went into too much detail on a few things and that may get it suspended. Thanks for the heads up, I'll fix it.

  6. Zeek is a company that can generate income for those who like working the internet. Get rich quick? Not hardly! Those are scams and give internet marketers a bad name.

    As it is with a brick and mortar outlet they not only need new customers but repeat customers. So it is with any MLM. The market place has changed and only those who create relationships will survive.

    Zeek is doing very good world wide and you will get out of it what you put in. A conservative investment at it's best.

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