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  1. What do you do when you need inspiration? My last post wasn't too well written because I wasn't that into it and now I'm regretting ever posting it! So, any tips on inspiration or how you think of topics to write on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Some people use writing prompts like Plinky.

    I have other strategies I use both as a matter of course and in cases of writer's block that you may be interested in. There are 11 in this post and I link to 3 other posts with more strategies in it as well.

  3. wow, awesome! Thank you! I wasn't expecting to receive any responses. Thanks, again.

  4. Yo! I could go on and on and on ... lol :D

    I'm a blogging tips blogger. My blog content is focused on becoming a better blogger, building a better blog, & effective blog promotion.

  5. Thanks, timethief! Plinky seems to be awesome! I subscribed to your blog! ;)

  6. @francisgrillo
    You're welcome and thanks so much for subscribing to one cool site. :)

  7. I don't have a tip but just was wondering myself how I find topics.. Well, I don't sit and think about what to write.. Something happens and I convert them as write ups... eventually.. :D

  8. my topics are mostly about being optimistic you should check it out :)

  9. habituatedbuddhist

    Inspiration can come from reading other blogs (without theft)

    My latest post was initially written as I was trying to compose a comment on another bloggers recent post. Getting long winded, I kept going and made it a post on my own site (note: credit was given).

    I hope you enjoy, and please comment here or there!

  10. @habituatedbuddhist
    Good on you. You have just created a backlink to the post on the other blogger's blog and that's the way to go. Google is favoring blogs with natural linking patterns.

  11. I try not to post until I have a clear idea for a post, otherwise I end up wobling all over the place and it shows I fear

  12. habituatedbuddhist

    TT, thanks. I was suprised that was a big deal, but it makes sense. Also, it seems the proper respectful approach to other peoples blogs....

  13. I usually listen to music to give me inspiration. Or read other blogs or books.

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