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Instagram embed widths

  1. Hi! I am having trouble with "resizing" my instagram images in my blog! I use a full page layout for my posts (960 pixel width photographs). I want to embed to instagram images next to each other (using guidelines as given in this link:
    Instead of using width=300 though, I use width=480)! However, my 2 photos does not fill the entire width. I have tried to change the width, but somehow it seems "fixed" at the same size! How do I correct this?

    Link to post:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. From that same Support doc:

    By default, the URL embeds the largest size of the image that can fit into the content area.

    How are you hiding the sidebar widgets on your single posts? Did you hide them with the Custom Design Upgrade or by changing their "Visibility" on Posts?

  3. If I remove the width, the images display larger than half of the display size.... (thus one image per "line")... Which means they can be displayed at a larger size? I have no widgets in the primary sidebar... only widgets in the middle row and footer area! My widgets display at the bottom of each post as opposed to the side area, I thus have the entire width to use for posts!

  4. OK-understood.

    I'm going to tag this for Staff help. I'm getting the same result on my test site as well. Regardless of what width I put in, when the 2 embeds are side-by-side in a shortcode, they won't be any wider than 306 pixels.

  5. Thanks a lot!! Appreciate the help!

  6. I went in to your most recent post and removed the width attribute from your Instagram shortcode and the images will then display in their full width of 612px, which will cause the images to wrap as you only have 940px of width in your content post area (960px minus 20px left margin).

    But as far as being able to set a specific width, there seems to be only three sizes that will work: 612px (full size), 306px, and 150px. If you post below the threshold of the those three sizes, it defaults to the next smaller size - in your case, the 306px.

    I'm going to have someone take a closer look to see what would be causing this and I'll get back to you once I have more information.

    Thank you!

  7. Thanks for looking Carolyn. This is especially interesting in view of the new Instagram widget. I will be curious to know what the answer is, so I've subscribed to this forum topic.

  8. Thank you so much!! Really appreciate the effort!! & good to know that it is not my incompetence that's that problem!! :) **

  9. Thanks for your patience while I sort this out!

    It seems we're unable to set custom sizes for Instagram photos any more. Now, we're only able to pull the three sizes I mentioned above - 612px, 306px, and 150px - from Instagram using the size shortcode.

    As it is something that is being controlled by Instagram, those are the only options available at this time. I have made a request to our team to see if we can use custom widths in the future.

    I hope that clarifies things!

  10. Thanks a lot - yes, that is good to know for future use!!

    I do hope that someday we'll be able to "control" that though!! In the meantime, thanks for your effort!! I really do appreciate it a lot! :) **

  11. You're welcome! Have a good weekend!

  12. Thanks Carolyn. I noted the update to the Instagram Support doc that reflected this.

    As this is the case, then I also assume that this will affect the Widget as well? If so, perhaps someone would like to follow up in this thread.

  13. As noted by Carolyn (csonnek), Instagram only supports 3 image sizes and when we request an image on your behalf, Instagram returns the largest of their 3 images that is less than or equal to the size you requested.

    However as of late yesterday, if you specify a size (width) that is not one of the three standard Instagram sizes, we will use the 612px version to generate a thumbnail image at your requested image width. In short, you can now use the shortcode to display an Instagram image at any size between 1 and 612 pixels.

    As this is the case, then I also assume that this will affect the Widget as well? If so, perhaps someone would like to follow up in this thread.

    No, the widget is unaffected. We always display the 612 pixel versions and then use CSS to have your browser resize them down to a percentage width of your sidebar's width (100%, 50%, or 33% depending on the column setting). This is because there's no foolproof way to know how wide your sidebar is so using the fullsize images and browser resizing is the only reliable alternative.

  14. Oh my word!!!! Yaaaaaay!! I am soooo glad!!! Thanks soooo much!!! My post looks so good now!!

    You guys are the best!! - Thank you so much for your insets and efforts!!! I am sure this is going to make a lot of people very happy!!! Many many thanks!!! :) **

  15. I love waking up to good news! Thanks so much for the attention to this.

  16. If it is not too much to ask and if it is possible, could you please fix the instagram shortcode posts so it picks up one of the images to show in the Top Post & Pages widget? As of right now, if I only have instagram shortcodes in a post, the Top Post widget does not pick up any image to display in the side bar (it picks up blog's gravatar image).

  17. Hello: First time here. I'm one of those people who print instagram photos. Up until about three weeks ago, I'd send an image to my email, save in a file, and then print from Adobe photoshop. The "default" size was always 4.25 inches. I did these same actions about 10 days ago, and no default size of 4.25 inches.

    Instead the default was either 8.5 inches or 2.8 inches. What happened to my 4.25 inches and how do I get it back as the default.


  18. Hi judyfff,

    I'm not sure how this relates to WordPress. Can you explain?

  19. Thanks Viper007bond for your response. My concern probably does not relate to WordPress, but I thought it did due to me not being the most tech savvy person in the world.

    But I was desperate! I had goggled "instagram photo size" and this url came up. SO I assumed you could answer questions on the default printing sizes of instagram photos. Seems like I came to the wrong place. My apologies.

    Instagram has zero customer service as I've emailed them and have received no response.

    Thanks anyway.

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