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    I am trying to add my instagram feed to my blog I want my latest instagram pictures from my feed to show up on the sidebar.

    Shannon Yoachum

    The blog I need help with is



    I’d like to do the same! I’ve been obsessed with IG since I joined a couple of months ago and my blogs have been suffering from neglect ever since, please help!

    I have 2 blogs, and will have to decide which one to feed with my pics. They are:


    I can’t work out how to get them in the sidebar, but I did create a recipe with which automatically turns each instagram I make into a new post, in my category which I created especially called My Instagram feed. It’s not the sidebar but it’s better than nothing.



    And that doesn’t work at

    What does work here is putting the instagram feed into the Flickr widget.


    it does work at because that’s what my blog is. When I tried the Flickr widget, that didn’t work.



    Really? That’s interesting. Autoposting is supposed to be disabled here. I didn’t see any images on at all.


    No, that’s because I’m not posting to that blog, but I’d rather not say which I am posting to because it’s not ready yet.
    What I would say is that is not intuitive, it took me several goes to work out how to use it! They don’t provide any explanation of what triggers are for example. I don’t know if this will work but here is the recipe.



    Shannon, I just realized my request was different than yours. I hadn’t noticed you were asking how to post your IG feed to the sidebar specifically—I’m trying on the contrary to post them in the main body of the blog, because I’ve already got the sidebar thing going via the Flickr feed widget, as rainscoaster suggestest, and it works just great.

    I think I did find a solution for my request, which was how to create WP posts from my IG feed, though I haven’t tried this yet: when you post your photos to Instagram, there is an option to send the photo/caption via email in the “Share” settings, and as you may or may not know, WP offers a “post by email” option.

    Here is a useful link:

    I will try this out probably later today and report back once I’ve done so!



    Urgh! The link didn’t show up above. Here it is:

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