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Instagram PLEASE :'(

  1. I know others have asked for an instagram widget, and I thought I would just add my voice to the discussion. This would extremely useful to have. No need to reply. Just know that there are probably a lot of people like me who really really want this on their blog. Thanks for considering it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Id love to have this too

  3. A simple forum search reveals we cannot use the instagram on free hosted blogs. However, you can post by email to send a photo right from your phone to your blog. Note also that An image gallery will display a set of thumbnail images attached to a particular post or page. When clicked, gallery images are displayed in a full-size carousel view. If you upload images using the Add Media button above the post/page editor, they will be attached automatically.
    P.S. If you are using an iphone then for the iphone wordpress app, there's a forum here

  4. there are too many things .COM sites cannot do. this is like not being able to post youtube direct. screw it, time to migrate.

  5. See here for instructions for moving your blog content after you gire a web host and set up a install.

  6. I've got around this by simply sharing my Instagram account name on my blog, so that people have the option to follow if they want to using their smartphones :)

  7. I would like to put a widget for people to follow me on Instagram like I have for Pinterest. Is that possible? If not, why not? If not, when? If never, why?

    thanks much,

  8. Why Instagram and not other photosharing sites? Don't you think that if WP is going to support this that they would then have to support the others?

  9. I take my photo with instagram that goes through to my instagram related blog on Tumblr (its different to the one I have here on WordPress). To then show what photos im posting on my Tumblr blog (so followers of my regular blog can check them out too!) I use the tumblr RSS feed.

    I then pasted the tumblr rss link into the 'Flickr' widget as it allows you to put in an rss feed that ISNT just from flickr.

    Theoretically you could use something like webstagram (or other instagram related feed sites) and post your rss in from there?

    Thats how I do it anyway!

    When I upload to instagram I just make sure the Tumblr button is checked and I know it goes through to both....

    Helice11 - you can make a 'follow me on instagram' image and link through using that.

    By using one of the 'text' widget boxes you can add some code in like this:
    <a href="">FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM</a>
    This will give readers a link to click on rather than an image.

    Or to use an image, upload the image you want to use to your wordpress gallery so you have a url. Then put some code like this into a text widget:

    <a href=""><br /> <img src="XXXXXX.jpg" border="0"><br /> </a>

    The XXXXX are where your links will go!

    This doesn't take the user directly to instagram but to follow gram where other instagram users can follow from there.

    Not perfect but some work arounds - hope that helps!

  10. Grr its stripped the code out!

    <a href="">FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM</a><br />

    or to use an image...

    <a href=""><br /> <img src="XXXXjpg" border="0"><br /> </a><br />

  11. I think these people are asking for an automatically updating widget that displays your instagram links.

    The way to do this at is to autopost your Instagram photos to Flickr and use that feed in your Flickr widget.

  12. I think it's great to have simpler mechanisms to do more complicated things in one step. But I would be disappointed if this is something that gets deployed in only a limited way specific to one service site. Instagram seems too limiting to me, and Flickr doesn't work well in my Firefox. Others have various limitations, too so I believe there is NO one best site for everyone (duh). I suspect there are or will be many apps available for Android, and maybe even a few approved for iPhone, to do this in many different ways.

  13. The Flickr widget is the only automatically updating widget that is approved and works here. You can have as many apps as you want on your phone, but for now this is the only way to get your instagram photos in your blog automatically, which is what the original poster requested.

  14. As theres no official instagram widget in - if you can get your instagram RSS feed URL (through followgram or something similar) then photos can be displayed automatically. It takes out the step of using Flickr.
    I tried doing this through Flickr too and just got frustrated that I had another account somewhere that I wasn't really using and then had to keep on top of as well.

    Although im using tumblr now I like the 'blogging' side of it so I dont mind as much.

    Just my two pence worth - i'm sure theres loads more fixes out there for it!

  15. That will display links to the content, but not the images.

  16. No it works with images too....ive done it myself in the past and had them display down the side of my blog.

    If its changed now then its changed to just show text but it could be done before.

    I used follow gram - theres also webstagram...statigram and ink361 (alothough I think you need to pay for that) to get your instagram rss feed.

  17. Does it really? That's a huge improvement over the old RSS widget.

  18. Just pop the rss link into the flickr widget (I think it will take the images out of any rss feed but Ive only tried it with instagram and tumblr!)

    Im sure one of the rss feed websites only displayed the link though.....worth playing around with it!

  19. Oh, that's interesting. Not the RSS widget, the flickr widget. Useful to know, thanks.

  20. I am confused. I tried ericablaggs recommendation and the only images that pull through are my instagram profile, so it looks like 3 photos of myself are always appearing. THEN I tried the "right" way by using Flickr based on the instructions in the FLICKR widget and it still doens't pull in my instagrams. I see my instagram on my photostream on Flickr, but the only photo pullin through the Flickr widget is the one I did as a test upload from my computer.

  21. bumps.

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