Instagram RSS as new blog posts?

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    I like the way my Instagram images automatically goes on my Facebook wall as a new post, and I was wondering if this was possible to do with my WordPress blog. So far in my research I’ve found a site that creates an RSS feed through my Twitter, and how to add the feed onto my blog. But instead of streaming the latest posts in my sidebar, is there a way to automatically create a new blog post with the image and the caption, every time I upload on Instagram?


    The blog I need help with is



    THere is no way to automatically add content via RSS to a blog. is not an aggregator; it’s for original blog posts.


    Found a way through Posterous… it has the ability to autopost into WordPress blogs. The only think is it doesn’t post correctly unless I edit and update (without doing anything) manually through the WordPress admin site. Annoying but better than nothing!



    To this blog?

    I don’t see any images there.


    i just uploaded to posterous.



    That site does not seem to be hosted on WordPress.COM, so you have many more options with a WordPress.ORG install.





    Common confusion – some days a full 30% of the traffic here is in the wrong forum.

    For more on the difference:


    Thanks auxclass, i’ll scoot my butt over there instead.


    ps. i don’t see why using posterous wouldn’t work for my blog either… haven’t tried it yet though.



    Try it. Bet me money.


    Damn! It worked better on my blog than the one… no weird framing issues, just a perfect upload/post.

    There ya go, posterous!


    Do be aware that in my experience (although brief) with posterous, it is seriously flakey. Don’t expect it to work every time. Most likely it will work randomly and possibly for a week or so not at all.


    Ahh ok… Instagram needs to add a wordpress upload feature.

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