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    hey does anyone knows how to add an Instagram gallery sidebar/widget? I have the code, I just don’t know where/how to add it? thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    We would have to see the code in order to determine if it can be used here at There are some restrictions here as far as code goes for security reasons.


    Forgot to say, post the code here between code tags like below.

    <code>all the code here</code>


    We recently added a way to embed Instagram photos (but not the widget), but maybe this will help for now:


    An Instagram widget is a good idea. Maybe we can add something like that to soon. Thanks for asking about it. :)



    I’d love to have a Live Feed from my Instagram to my blog, especially being a photographer~


    Keep an eye on for the latest updates. :)


    I have just migrated from Blogger to WordPress, and the one thing that I am missing the most is that you do not have a Live Feed from Instagram available. TypePad also offers this…so WordPress, catch up!


    I’m watching out for interest on this topic. Please keep up the posts if you guys are interested in seeing an Instagram widget! :)

    I love photography, and I’ve done it as a hobby for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never used Instagram. What do you guys love about it the most?



    I want instagram widget! it`s a shame WP dosent have it!



    You should try it Designsimply, then you`ll now ;)



    I would love an Instagram widget. Make it happen!



    I would love an Instagram widget. Make it happen!


    Yes! Instagram-widget for! I’ve been looking for this since I started blogging at wordpress. It’s fun, easy, a great way to share small updates with your followers, and it makes the sidebar ten times prettier!



    This thread will be moved to the Ideas Forum which is where we make suggestions to Staff for improvements, new features, widgets and the like.



    YES, an instagram widget please, I really want one to have a feed onto my blog of both my hashtag and my instagram account please


    I want an Instagram widget too. I’m not on WordPress yet, but contemplating the move from Blogger….


    Please make an instagram widget for! This is the first widget I went to look for when I created my blog.



    I agree with everyone that has posted, an instagram widget is definitely needed. It was the first widget I was looking for as well and was disappointed to find out there is not one.


    Instagram is a phenomena, you just have to google it to see just how popular it is… we shouldn’t have to convince you.
    Please, please please : ) can we get an Instagram widget for
    I mean, i’m thinking of moving my blog, because i need to have my instagrams in the sidebar… i am a photographer, Instagram is my diary and works hand in hand with my blog…
    With much appreciation, Sam

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