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instagram sidebar

  1. Funny. You guys still have a del.ici.ous widget but still no Instagram?? C'mon people! Get with the times!

  2. Teamwylie would love to have an instagram widget. This would really allow us to communicate our story about life in China.

  3. jonathanpwylie

    I would love to have an instagram widget. Thank you!

  4. dcsunriserunner

    Please add an instagram widget, that would be amazing!

  5. Agree. Got my first smart phone today and see about gazillion things things I want to photograph and share quickly.

  6. Still no Instagram widget I see...sighs

  7. An Instagram-Widget would be perfect! Why has Blogger one, but not Come on, an Widget for Instagram would be really great!

  8. I've been able to use my ink361 url to show Instagram posts using the Flickr widget, but its not perfect - my images end up very large, and cut in half. Could be because of my theme, but a dedicated Instagram widget would be great. :)

  9. I am surprised, was searching for how to have an instagram sidebar and discovered it is not possible on wordpress. Come on, of course we want that!

  10. instagram widget, please!

  11. ecologicalkids

    i tried the flickr widget with the instagram url but is no working.
    we really need the instagram widget.

  12. definitely need an instagram widget! I'm actually quite shocked that it's not available on WordPress.


  14. whitneymhubbard

    Agreed all around! Instagram widget for the sidebar is where it's at! This is a big way of how people are connecting, and since Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can all connect directly together already, it would be so great to people to drive people to Instagram feeds directly from the site/blog! Looking forward to seeing this... :-)

  15. PLEASE create an Instagram widget for us! Thank you!!!

  16. When I say "Insta" you say "gram"!


    yes, please!

  17. How does one unsubscribe from this topic?? Every time I click on the link it says "your attempt to do this has failed".

  18. You guys need to keep track on blogs' evolution. I have a paid account with you guys and I can't have Instagram while for blogger users it's free. How crazy is that?...i'm really considering moving out to or blogger when my contract is over...
    We should not be needed to convince you guys to put an Instagram Widget, seriously...

  19. Surely a must-have?? Please can we have an instagram widget asap!


  21. blackyellowpagesdirectory

    I want an Instagram widget.... NOW!!!!! please

  22. YES! Instagram widget...PLEASE

  23. There is an instagram widget, but I am unable to add the plugin as I do not have a plugins menu. How do I get one??

  24. I would love an Instagram widget! I really don't want to have to switch to Blogger :(

  25. it ready yet?!!... :D

  26. Friend: "hey you have Instagram on your blog?"

    Me: "No" :(

  27. commenting in support of an instagram widget! thanks.

  28. So is there any chance to get the instagram widget soon?

  29. haveyourcakephotography

    yes! add the instagram widget! thank you!

  30. YESadd the instagram,,,,please

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