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Instagram to WP

  1. Hello Happy Engineers! :) Happy New Years!

    I just started using Instagram and have it set up to automatically send my uploads to my WordPress account.

    However, when I put in tags for Instagram, they appear as the title of my post in WP and none of the tags show up as tags.

    Any suggestions on how I can set this up to ensure my Instagram uploads are showing up with proper tagging in WP?


    Blog url:

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Would you mind letting me know how you connected your Instagram account to your WordPress blog? That will help me to better replicate this problem for you.


  3. Hi Evarlese,

    I didn't connect my WP account to Instagram. Actually, I think what happened is that Instagram automatically associated my WP account with my Twitter, Posterous and Tumblr accounts and has been pushing all my uploads to my blog. Not sure how that works. But nowhere in the Instagram app is there an ability to connect WP.

    I'm wondering since I have all the above mentioned apps on my iPhone and have the same username (@zidditamana, zidditamana, etc) and email address for all of them, Instagram is associating those with WP.



  4. I don't believe the app is capable of that, but Twitter could be posting to your blog. I recommend checking which Twitter apps you're using (on, and the settings on each.

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