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    Hi, my blog is on, and i was wondering if there is any way for me to insert instagram widget?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    No. That widget doesn’t work on blogs. iframe codes are stripped out as a security risk.



    will it be introduced at all? All my pics are on instagram and i’d really like to share them. Is there a way to introduce an album onto your blog? (sorry if this is obvious, I’m new at this!) x


    Hi amilpoole,
    you can do it, but not with a plugin as you have a .com account (like me!) I added the flickr widget. Then I linked my instagram account to my flickr account. (you do this on your profile>settings>share settings> select flickr>enter your username and password> the next time you take a photo, click share to flickr. It should sent it to your flickr account. Then what you need to do is add the flickr widget (under widgets, then drag it to the right hand side of the screen) click edit, then add your title you want (I called mine Instagram), the RSS feed URL (just right click and copy the link address) select how big you want your pics (small or thumbnail) and then select the position you want your instagram/flickr feed to appear in your sidebar. Hope this helps.


    Oh, I forgot to say – you link the two on your instagram account….

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