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Install Vines Widget

  1. First... I'm not a paid subscriber. Being a student surviving basically on student loans and about $500 a month, I simply can't afford it. I just have a free blog, and that's it.

    I just got a Vine account, and I'd like to put a widget to that account in my sidebar. I did manage to find a Vines widget here, but I have no frickin' clue how to install it. I was hoping for just some code to copy/paste into the Text widget, because that's how I installed an Instagram widget.

    But this is a .zip fil that has a whole ton of directions that may as well be written in Martian for all I can understand it.

    Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but that cannot be used on a free hosted WordPress>COM blog. It's for WordPress>ORG installs. Please read this comparison >

  3. Honestly... that's what I thought.

    So is there an install for the free hosted blog?

  4. Not that I am aware of.

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