Install WordPress in Subdirectory of E-Commerce Site?

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    For SEO purposes, I would like to move my blog from ( to ( Word Press says they do not allow domain mapping to a subdirectory. (

    The blog has few posts and it has little value at the moment, so we can afford to lose it if we can install a new one (if possible) in a sub-directory.

    Is there any way to move the blog to a sub directory?

    Is it possible to install a wordpress blog on a sub directory of an establish e-commerce website?

    If none of the above are possible, would it be better to use a sub-domain or buy a unique url?

    I’m pretty sure the e-commerce site has few if any subdomains already. I’ve seen that this can be a factor in passing authority from a domain to a sub-domain.

    Thanks for the help. Apologies if the question has been asked before, did a couple searches and couldn’t find an answer.

    The blog I need help with is


    Once you go self-hosted you can do anything you want. Just install and configure the wordpress.ORG software in a subdirectory on your web host where your e-commerce site is and then get the redirect upgrade here and forward all your traffic to the blog in the subdirectory at your web host and transfer your content from here over to the new self-hosted installation.

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