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installing a new theme

  1. Hi,

    I have found some free themes for WordPress, the theme was in ZIP archive and when i extracted it, it contained some CSS, JS and PHP files.

    Now i am confuse how to use this theme for my Blog.


  2. Here at, we have to choose themes from the Presentation menu. If a theme isn't on that menu, we can't use it. (But we can contact Support to request that it be added to the menu.)
    WordPress blogs hosted elsewhere (i.e. other than t allow you to upload and use a wider range of themes.

  3. emm, ok thanks!

  4. The theme that they are using on the "Technical Tips, Tricks and Articles" blog is Blix. You can find it in the Presentation/Theme tab on your Dashboard. Just click on it to change your blog's theme.

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