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    I have just purchased an Elegant Themes template and was hoping to switch my blog to this theme from my current Twenty Eleven Theme. I have spent the best of today trying to work out how to do this. I feel like I have been given the runaround over it.

    Somewhere I read that to do this I need a host. So I followed the directions on how to upload my new theme on to my hosting server. Having done that, I still cannot figure out how I can upload that theme onto my wordpress dashboard so I can transfer my blog on to it.

    Elegant Themes have provided a video on how to do this, but it appears that I don’t have that application available to me. Their video instructions show an ‘Install Themes’ tab under the ‘Themes’ tab of the wordpress dashboard. I don’t have this tab. So here is my question:

    What do I need to do to get this tab so I can upload my new theme? Do I need to upgrade my wordpress account? Or is there some other way of allowing me to upload this new theme?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have just purchased an Elegant Themes template and was hoping to switch my blog to this theme from my current Twenty Eleven Theme.

    That’s not possibel as there is no FTP access to blogs and we cannot install third party themes.

    Please read this for clarity > vs The Differences



    On free hosted blogs, like the one linked to your username we can only use the themes which have been coded to run on this multi-user software and made available to us here. > Appearance > Themes and no others. Also note that we cannot edit either themes or templates on free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. >



    I still don’t feel that you have answered my question. I fully understand that wordpress.COM cannot install third party themes. But I want to know what it is I need to do to be able to do this with my blog and new theme. Do I need to upgrade my wordpress account so I have access to the ‘Install Themes’ tab?

    It is clear from the Elegant Themes video instructions that this is possible. I just want to know what I need to do to be able to have this application available to me.



    No, there is no upgrade to a account that will do this, other than the VIP upgrade which costs thousands of dollars.

    You will need to move your blog entirely away from, buy independent hosting, install software from, and then use the theme. The theme cannot be used at, period.



    Do I need to use a specific web hosting server to be able to do this? Or can I use my own with the same results? I have searched everywhere for an answer, and it seems that no-one has it. I keep hitting a brick wall with the comment that ‘wordpress.COM cannot install third party themes’. While I understand this, I know for a fact that the theme I purchased from Elegant Themes can be hosted on wordpress, as I have a friend who is using the same theme for her blog and it is hosted on wordpress. So please, can you direct me to what it is I need to do to access this option?


    There are two types of wordpress sites. Those hosted here at wordpress.COM (can’t install themes and other restrictions) and then there are self-hosted wordpress installations using the software from wordpress.ORG (typically referred to as a wordpress.ORG site). You need a wordpress.ORG site.

    You need to use a web host that meets the requirements for the wordpress.ORG software, then you need to install and configure the wordpress software, install whatever themes and such you want, export your content from here and import it into the .ORG site.

    Figure an average cost, all things considered, of $10 to $25 per month. You will be responsible for all installations, all upgrades, all backups and all troubleshooting. If you install a theme or a plugin or some code that kills your site, you have to figure it out and fix it. Themes and plugins that kill sites seems to be on a major upswing right now.


    See this for the general differences: .



    Thank you for your reply. I think you have told me more than anyone else so far. Here are a couple of other questions I have in regards to the web hosting, that you may be able to help me with.

    1. What are the specific requirements of a web host? I have a hosting service, but how do I know if it meets the requirements? I have actually downloaded all that is suggested to my host, but am not sure what to do with it now.

    2. If I am successful in exporting and installing all my old blog files to my new blog, do I then upload it to WordPress and manage it from there? Or do I manage it through my own hosting service?


    1. You need to find the requirements over at wordpress.ORG. The easiest, and typically the easiest way to find out if you host supports wordpress is to ask them. As popular as wordpress is today, most hosts worth considering support wordpress as it is one of the most widely used software packages around. Most hosts that support wordpress will have one of the installation scripts such as simple scripts or fantastico that make installation much easier and requires that you simply answer a few questions.

    2. You will sign into the new site in a similar way to what you do here, but you do not sign in here. If your new blog domain was, then you would sign in at . You will have a dashboard similar to what you have here although there will be a good bit of the wordpress.COM unique features you will not have. If there are some of those you need, then you will have to find plugins and install those to get that functionality.

    This support document will give you the basics on moving: .



    Thank you again for this. I have been searching all day for this kind of information. At least it gives me something to work with. I am still not 100% sure what it all means, but i will preserver.

    Just one more question, then I will be on my way.

    Clearly I will have to create a new domain for the blog if I go down this avenue. Is there a seamless way of doing this, without disrupting my existing followers?


    You can purchase the site redirect upgrade here which will do what is called a 301 permanent redirect from your site here to your new site as long as you set the new site to use the same permalink structure as here, which is Day and name.

    If you have an existing website and domain name, you can if you wish put your blog on a subdomain or in a subdirectory of that site. Examples:




    Fabulous, Thanks again for your patience and help.


    You are welcome.

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