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Installing Askimet Plug-In "Fatal" Error

  1. I am trying to install Askimet for my wordpress blog version 2.2
    I registered at and received my API key.
    While it appears I installed it correctly (just dropped it in my plug-ins folder on the server), when I try to activate it I am receiving this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_cache_get() in /home/.dafoe/dawn_blog/ on line 263

    To make matters worse, now I am completely unable to even manually delete spam. When I try to do so, I now get THIS error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_cache_get() in /home/.dafoe/dawn_blog/ on line 263

    Please help.

  2. This forum can't support the Akismet plugin; what we can do is refer you to staff, who can. They can be reached via email at support at wordpress dot com.

  3. Turn off the wp_cache plugin and see if that helps.

    You really need to be over at as that's the support site for the software.

  4. Actually, this is the support site for Akismet.


  5. Agreed but the poster is having an issue with conflicting plugins.

  6. Hrm. Okay - I guess I didn't realize it was an issue of conflicting plug-ins...I'm new to wordpress and am also a bit lost as to where I turn to for advice on these things. I was over at, and they sent me to the forums because my blog is not hosted on wordpress...its just powered by wordpress. I'll try turning off the wp_cache to see if that helps. If anyone else has any ideas - I'd really appreciate it.

  7. Email staff. They're the ones who actually do support for this. As volunteers, we here in the forum have no experience with this and don't even install our own plugins.

  8. That may be the best bet. Gotta admit that I went to the wp-cache site to look for 2.2 support and they don't even mention it (they do mention 2.0+ support though) so I couldn't tell you.

    The other reason i was suggesting the other site was that they've probably done their "What plugins work for 2.2" list somewhere over there. They usually keep tabs on stuff like that. And considering that both of those plugins are fairly popular, someone probably has already hit your issue.

    Good luck,

  9. I'm having this same problem, and this thread doesn't really help. Since I'm obviously not the first person to have encountered this problem I'd think that the staff might do something more proactive to help folks like me deal with this issue like, for example, post a link to a faq here. Which staff do I email, btw? The Akismat folks, or the wordpress folks. When trying to contact the wordpress folks, their form would not accept my query because my blog is hosted by an outside company.

  10. I dont have wp-cache activated, btw

  11. Just for reference, I've deleted your cross post. It's not needed. Please note that picking on folks spelling around here is considered to be a bigoted comment as some of us have physical issues that prohibit full use of a keyboard. Also considering that a large portion of the folks here don't use English as their first language, we try to give them a bit of leeway. Please don't do it again.

    The form doesn't work because you're at the wrong site. It's for those hosted here at please as noted above. We forwarded the poster up above on to the correct site. That's why no concrete solution was provided.

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